Juse Hit List People: Chefs.

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “OMG its another perv… >_>” -Juse

I strongly dislike chefs. I’ve always disliked chefs, and the more I encounter them the more I can’t stand them. I do apologize in advance for my rant if I have any readers who are chefs. Lol. But to be more specific, I don’t like Chinese chefs. Let’s talk about why.

I’m not talkin’ about chefs that graduate from La Cordon Bleu or something, I’m talkin’ about the greasy ass chefs that work at Chinese restaurants!! Ugh!! They just make me sick. That’s both referring to here and overseas. I’ve encountered a few in my time, and they’re all the same. A lot of times, they are uneducated. They also don’t speak English very good, and have no manners or home training. They are just low on the food chain if you ask me.

The worst part is their attitudes and their temper. I HATE folks with a hot temper. I can’t deal with it. That’s why I love Kenny so much. I’ve seen him get upset. He doesn’t do much. Lol!! I mean he’ll lecture, but he’s never raised his voice at me even if he says something mean or hurtful. I hate men with bad tempers and most chefs I know have a horrible temper. They are all like Chef Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen. Ahaha! I think mainly cuz they work under such bad conditions? Pressure of getting food out correctly and with a time limit, as well as a hot kitchen and sometimes your co-workers aren’t cooperating with you or servers are assholes. I totally get why they are like that, but it’s not something I’m fond of. While randomly chatting online today, I encountered another chef, just as annoying, just as greasy, just as disgusting and it further validates my views of them. Blah!!



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