Juse Pet Peeves #12:Horny Men With No Direction

MOOD: onigiri- upset(Arg!!!)
Quote Of The Day: “No you cannot get into my panties, now f@ck off!!” -Juse

I have no problem with men being horny. That is just men being themselves. You can’t ask too much of them. It is in their nature to want to procreate every damn minute they get. On average, a man thinks about sex or sexual encounters over 100 times a day. It could be something very simple in everyday work or life that triggers them to think about it. Of course they snap out of it and go about their business. That’s just how their brain works. I’d rather have a horny man than a man with no balls any day! But with that said, I have to address this issue.

I CAN’T STAND IT when a there is a horny man with no direction! Let me explain. If you are horny, please believe you me, that there is a woman that is just as horny as you out there waiting for you. There is somebody for everybody folks!! If you are a horny son of a b!tch then get you a slut!! You guys will be great for each other!! This is where I want to introduce my “Perfect Fit Theory”. My Perfect Fit Theory states that there is a “perfect fit” for everyone’s liking, you just have to go out and make an effort to find them! If you are a rich old man and want you a hot woman, there is a hot woman out there that only wants you for your money! Perfect fit! If you are a horny bastard, then get your slut that’s just as horny! Perfect fit! If you are a macho man and likes to take care of your fragile woman to make you feel more macho, then find the woman that is the size of a chihuahua and protect her! Perfect fit!! See where I’m going with this??

When a horny man has no direction, then he just lets his horniness out in public and makes a fool of himself. All the peeping toms, all the men who get online to post anonymous pics of their weed whacker, are horny men with no sense of direction!! If sex is what you want then there is plenty of it to be had!! If you’re scared of commitments, then get drunk and get you a one night stand! If you’re desperate then get you a hooker! If you want sex all day every day, then get you a girlfriend!! There is a solution for all of that! However, do not take your horny ass around normally functioning females and drool on them like a weasel that just spotted a chicken. Do not make women on the street or strangers feel like you’re gonna come over and poke them with your stick like the f@cking pervert that you are!! Get a grip, you asshole!! Do not randomly add me online and greet me with a picture of your dumplings and egg roll!! I don’t wanna see none of that!! Get you an effin’ girlfriend and ya’ll can bow-chick-a-bow-wow all day long for all I care!! But please have a sense of direction folks!

These are NOT the droids you’re looking for!! Go away you sick assholes!! Ugh!! Ok.. I’m done ranting. Happy Monday… Lol. XD


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  1. HILARIOUS! Because, well, it’s true! 😀

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