Random Thursday Thoughts…(I Don’t Like Version)

MOOD: onigiri- poker face(Poker Facing)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s messed up that I work at T-Mobile and I don’t know how to work this phone.” -Adriana

I don’t like sweet tea although I’m Southern cuz if I wanted sugar, I’d just drink Coke #samedifference

I don’t like when I get rudely interrupted at work from doing shit with a new project. #workisforplay

I don’t like when Bossman comes to work, cuz he annoys the hell out of me. #oldbastard

I don’t like Taylor Swift, cuz she’s a hypocrite and says she wants her private life private, yet she always exploits about it in songs. #tradingmenforlyrics

I don’t like people with no sense of humor, cuz they’re only taking up space and not contributing to society. #boring

I don’t like dumplings cuz reason A makes them 8 days out the week. #yesisaid8

I don’t like working on an empty stomach cuz I go into panic mode and can’t think straight #feedmyass

I don’t like when I think it’s a later day in the week than it really is cuz it throws me all off and get my hopes up. #thoughtitwasfriday


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