The Theft Situation…

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset(Auhhh!)
Quote Of The Day: “I feel violated.” -Juse

Right after you have a good day, I guess it’s routine to have a shitty day? I didn’t wanna bring up this subject or post about it cuz it was just really hard to write about and very depressing. But the week before Thanksgiving, the light in my bedroom went out. I don’t mean the light bulb went bad, I mean the light fixture was not working, and neither was the light in the walk-in closet or the master bath. I emailed the management company to set up a maintenance request, and they sent someone that following Monday.

I wasn’t home of course, so it was just reason A. She’s always paranoid about people coming over, so she was trying to follow him like a hawk. Especially into my room cuz I had a lot of small crap in there that was rather expensive. Well while he was “fixing” the lights, she heard another knock on the door. She had to leave my bedroom to go open the door for the other person, and so during this time, the first guy was alone in my room with no supervision.

When reason A came back into my bedroom she said she saw him all nervous and stuff messing with his toolbox. She said he was so nervous that he dropped his glasses. She said she didn’t know what purpose the second person served cuz he wasn’t there to fix anything or bring anything. The first guy went into the hallway and met the second guy, they had a few words, and then the both of them just left.

The next day, she and I realized that two pieces of my jewelry that was each in a gift box sitting on one of the shelves of my bookcase had disappeared!! We tried looking everywhere for them, but they were nowhere to be found. I don’t even wear them! One was a gold bracelet and the other was an antique watch bangle that reason A gave me. Being as suspicious as the maintenance worker was looking that day, reason A swore he must have stole them! She also noticed that two of my drawers were half opened. She asked me if I had opened them anytime recently and I said no. She said she swore they were completely closed when he initially came into my room cuz she wanted to make sure all doors an drawers were closed and not in plain sight. But they were half open when we found them. Nothing important were in those though.

I’m not too sure what to do about this situation. But its been bothering the hell out of me and I can’t eat or sleep well cuz of it. Now I get paranoid like reason A and look around at my stuff all the time to see if I’m missing anything else. reason A didn’t see with her own eyes that the guy took it but we are almost certain he did cuz we NEVER have company. It is always just reason A at home. At first I thought she was just being paranoid when she told me all that but when we really found stuff missing, I was speechless and didn’t know what to say or think.


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