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Juse’s 2012 Year In Summary!

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Quote Of The Day: “We’ve been together for another year baby!!” -Kenny

Ladies and gents, it is officially the last day of 2012!! Its also my last blog post of the year!! OMFG! I honestly can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. I think time goes by faster the older we get. I guess that’s why they say we should enjoy life while we can, cuz it seems to speed up as we get older. >_< For easier reading, we will split this post up into 3 sections. So lets start off with a recap on Juse’s 2012 resolutions and the the results of them shall we?

2012 Resolution Recaps:
-Start a savings account.
-Make a career move.
-Get hitched!
-Lose weight.
-Stay organized and clean!

Welp, I’m happy to inform everyone that I have accomplished for the first time; absolutely nothing on my list!! Lol. Ok, that’s not even funny. -__- I did start a savings account, in matter of fact I started a few, but they’re all empty so I guess that defeats the purpose of that. >_> I didn’t make a career move, and I’m still stuck at the same dead end job as I was before working for the same asshole Bossman that I was before. *FAILS* Get hitched. Hum, honestly I consider this one a pass although I didn’t get hitched, but I am one step closer to it this year cuz I got engaged!! Folks! Let me pass on this one! Lol. Lose weight is like a definite no. At one point I did lose like 10lbs, but I’m sure I’ve gained all that back from Thanksgiving til now.*DIES* And the stay organized and clean is half ass. I don’t mean stay clean like I’m a dirty person, I just mean my paperwork and bills and desk at work. I say it’s a pass, cuz I have been keeping stuff more organized than last year. XD

2012 Top 5 Highlights/Events:
(#5) Opened new blog!! (For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, I started this blog on Jan. 1st, 2012!! So my blog will be turning one year old tomorrow!! Woohoo!! I’m thankful that I started bloggin’again, honestly its something I love to do. It helps me to record all the happenings of my life on a daily basis both good and bad. I think its therapeutic and helps keep me sane. XD)

(#4) Computer died! (This is not a happy event so I guess “highlight” isn’t really a good word for it, but it was a big thing in Juse’s life since I’ve only had one other computer die on me. For those of you who don’t know, its REALLY hard for Juse to live without a computer. @__@;; Everything I do is computer related, be it with work or leisure so that was quite the headache. I thought I was gonna have to buy a new one but Earlene ended up lending me her laptop and I’m still using it to this day. So Juse’s life was saved again!! Lol.)

(#3) Went through 3 intern girls! (I had the drama of going through 3 intern girls this year!! This was definitely a nightmare and not a highlight but it did take up the whole year and each left a lasting impression on me so I think it’s significant enough to take a spot. I usually have guy interns so it is very rare that I get girls and much less 3 in a row!! Intern Emily, Intern Avril (aka Intern Bambi) and Intern June (aka Intern Canton Cook which is the last one standing) I hate them, loved them, and hate them, in that order. Lol. Poor Intern Bambi was the only one good for anything and she got fired. Ugh! Life is just not fair folks. They’ve taught me so many things but mainly, that stupidity doesn’t have its limits. -__- and good help is DEFINITELY hard to find! Whew!!)

(#2) Juse had a HUGE eye infection! (Once again, not a highlight but very significant. This was the biggest eye infection I’ve ever had and I’ve been wearing contacts since like middle school. It was really scary, painful and very very frustrating! Please take good care of your eyes folks! That’s definitely a lesson learned. You only get one pair, make sure you really take good care of them. I don’t even remember how many meds I was on or how much money I spent on  meds, and that’s with full coverage health insurance folks!! OMG. Worst experience ever! Ugh!)

(#1) Juse got engaged!! (This, ladies and gents is the REAL highlight of my freakin’ year!! Yeah!!! I still can’t believe it when I say it now!! Auhhh!! So basically this one thing can help make up for all the other shitty things that happened to me this year!! XD)

2012 Year In Summary:
So in summary, I had a good year. I don’t think anything can make me happier than getting engaged. I’ve had my share of ups and downs this year but in comparison to the previous year, I think I did good. My only regret is that I didn’t get to visit Kenny this year. But then again, it’s just really not in my budget or his. Our goal now is to save up for the wedding. And previously I had all those issues with Little Red, but she’s doing ok now, so hopefully she’ll hold out til I finish my car payments which is only 5 more f@cking payments away!! Hell the f@ck yeah!! Sorry I’m cursing so much but I’m excited. XD Lol. So that’s Juse’s year in summary!! Woohoo!! Bye bye 2012!!

Day 2 Of 4: Great Wall Is My Nemesis…

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Quote Of The Day: ” Guess who I saw at Great Wall today? My Aunt. O_O” -Juse

Ya’ll know how much I hate going to Great Wall right? I mean the Chinese supermarket. I hate going to Chinese places cuz none of their asses know how to damn park and they have this staring problem that makes me wanna poke all their eyes out. Well I especially hate going to Great Wall ever since last time I ran into Canton Cook there. Ugh!! That was the worst experience ever, and she really got my blood boiling!! She attacked me and reason A and as apparent and impolite as I had made it that I didn’t wanna talk to her or even look up to acknowledge her, she still insisted on following us and trying to strike up a convo! Get the picture you idiot!! I don’t like you!! Hello!!! Ugh!! >_<

Anyways, so today reason A sent me to Great Wall again to pick up som things for her. Besides getting some ingredients, I always to go to pick her up some Chinese newspapers. They’re usually complimentary and right in front of the exit lobby. As I was about to turn out and exit while heading towards the newspapers, guess what?? I saw my Aunt!! WTF!! I stared at her, though my feet didn’t stop, and she stared at me. Although she hadn’t seen me since my freshman year of college or something like that I knew that she knew it was me cuz I really haven’t changed much. I don’t know if she ever planned to open her mouth and say anything but I ran out of their so damn fast that I didn’t even stop to breathe until I was out the building!

For those of you who don’t know, reason A and my Aunt hate each other. I mean REALLY hate each other. reason A is the youngest of her siblings and my Aunt is the 4th oldest. My grandma had a total of 11 kids, and reason A is the youngest, but minus the ones that have already passed away, here’s a basic summary. First one is an Aunt, second is an Aunt, third is an Uncle (but he passed already), fourth one is an Aunt (said Aunt), fifth one is an Aunt, sixth one is an Uncle (the infamous uncle) and then there’s reason A.

So as crazy as reason A is, she is definitely not paranoid about this, but my Aunt is a b!tch. She’s a jealous prick and always out to sabotage reason A’s life. Funny part is that she has everything, and reason A has nothing in comparison!! My cousins (Aunt’s daughters) are both gorgeous, married off well, have great jobs and are doing perfect. Look at me! Look at reason A! Why the hell are you jealous of her?? Ugh. I don’t even get it but they’ve always been like this. The part that’s jacked up is ya’ll know ya’ll don’t have any other relatives in such close proximity to each other, so you guys really should be much closer! My Aunt lives less than 30 minutes away for crying out loud!! But we’re like effin’ strangers!! I don’t even tell folks I have family here cuz I think its embarrassing to let folks know that I have family here yet when I’m in times of need its always friends that come to my rescue and not family!!! Auhhh!!

So yeah. I saw Aunt at the grocery store and made a run for it. Honestly I was in a state of shock. I’m sure not greeting her after she saw me was not very kosher but I don’t give a damn, cuz like Tanya always said, respect is earned, not demanded so I am not obligated to respect you simply cuz you are my Aunt. So yeah, she basically f@cked up my evening. Good thing is the day was almost over anyways so it was like whatever. >_>

Day 1 Of 4: Just Chillin’…

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Quote Of The Day: “Heck yeah! Days off rule!!” -Juse

Yesterday when I was getting off work , Bossman said, “Must feel nice to not have to come in on a Monday!” Referring to how I got New Year’s Eve off. But without even thinking I said “Heck yeah! Days off rule!!” And then I ran out the building with arms flailing all over the place. Ahaha! Now that I stop to think about it, maybe I should have used that opportunity to suck up and said “Bossman rules!” Cuz technically he’s the one that gave me the day off, while everyone else has to work. >_> But I honestly wasn’t thinking that deep into it. *FAILS*

Welp folks!! Today is the first day of my four day weekend! Woot! Woot!! Although I have absolutely nothing planned, I am still happy I get to sit on my lazy ass and do shit! Lol. Hell yeah!! I went to the store last night and picked up more food. I’ve been going to the grocery store so much I feel like a squirrel that’s stocking up for winter. Ugh. I don’t know if it’s just me, but don’t you guys tend to feel like you get hungry more often or faster cuz of the colder weather?? I think its cuz your body is using up more energy to keep warm, so you need to ingest more. I don’t care, that’s the theory I’m going with. I’ve honestly be eating a lot, and I feel like I’m fattening up for winter. That can’t be good. -__-;;

Random Friday Pictures!

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Quote Of The Day: “In my world, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine!” -Juse

Last day at work today before my awesome 4 day weekend!! Woohoo!!! So freakin’ excited although I have no plans but to stuff my face and spend it with Kenny!! Lol. So I’ve accumulated some pics folks, so today is random picture day!

egg plant patties

reason A’s eggplant patties! They are awesome and reason A calls them “Frog Swollows Honey” Ahaha. Everyone that hears the name is like WTF? Cuz when you split the pattie open and put the ground pork filling in it, it’s like a frog’s mouth. >_>

asian style shrimp

This is one of the dishes from Christmas dinner I think? Asian style shrimp!!

festive popcorn

Festive popcorn I found in the farmer’s market! They had green too! Cute!

egg drop soup

Last night’s Egg Drop Soup! And yes real Chinese Egg Drop Soup has tomatoes in it, not like the restaurant kind! Lol.


I got a bunch of chocolate today! Godiva all day long baby!!


These Godiva’s were super yummy! XD

Workin’ Me Like A MOFO!

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Quote Of The Day: “I just feel so exhausted today Honey and I really really need a hug! >_<” -Juse

OMFG!!!! Today was busy as holy shit!! I had a photo shoot and all this other crap to do and a ton of pics to edit and I was running back and forth. The worst part is it was cold as all hell yesterday so I was wearing the UGGs, a scarf, and like 3 layers of clothing and running around back and forth, and I felt like 20lbs heavier!! Auhhh!! I was so damn knocked out. I hate when Bossman is here cuz he drives me freakin’ crazy! Maybe at first while I was in the mist of it I didn’t realize how worn out I was, but when I got home I totally passed out on the sofa. Ugh!! I didn’t wake up til reason A woke me up for dinner.

When I was talkin’ to Kenny while he was commuting to work, I missed him SOOO much. I really wished he was here to give me a big hug and hold me tight and I could just let out a big sigh. I kept telling him I missed him and I wish he was here cuz I had a long day and really just needed some TLC. >_<

Annnnnd, Its Back To Making Donuts Again. -__-;;

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Quote Of The Day: “I think you’re the perfect wife for me.” -Chris

Back to work I go folks! Now my internal clock is all jacked up cuz this morning when I woke up it felt like a Monday, but I know it’s a Wednesday so my body is like WTF? O_o Lol. Good news is after today I only have 2 days left before my 4 day weekend! Woohoo!! Not that I have anything exciting planned, but me and Kenny are gonna video chat until we pass out!! Lol! We still haven’t really like sat down and had a good video chat since I got my ring! That’s back in November around Thanksgiving! So it’s almost been 3 weeks since I’ve seen my Pookie Bear!! >_< Ugh!

Today my favorite intern, Intern Roger came back. He’s usually at our other sister company in Mississippi working. When William quit, we couldn’t get somebody to watch over there fast enough so Bossman stuck him there and told him it’d be temporary. But almost 6 months later, I think he’s gonna be stuck there for life. Ugh. -__-;;

Today when Bossman came in he brought this random new dude. Apparently it was a son of a “friend’s”, and he was showing him around town. The kid is from Pittsburgh, and he’s just here visiting and stuffers. I call him kid but he just graduated college so I’m assuming he’s in his early 20’s? But man this kid can talk!! Thank God he didn’t come attack me! At first Ms. Lee greeted him and then he started chatting it up with her and started going on and on! I mean he seems super friendly but definitely a little too friendly for my liking. Then he got a hold of Intern Roger, and poor Intern Roger!! He wouldn’t shut up and I could tell Intern Roger kept staring at me from the side and I was just cracking the hell up!!

One down and two more days to go folks! Woohoo!!

Merry Christmas!

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Quote Of The Day: “So did your family get together end up like mine where everyone was fighting like crazy?” -Rosemarie

merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! I finally get the damn day off! Lol. I slept in this morning and had a glorious sleep. @__@ Like for real though, I slept til about 2pm and only woke up cuz reason A was walkin’ outside my room and startled me like a stalker. >_> I figured I was hungry although I really wanted to hibernate and had to get up to stuff my face since I didn’t fatten myself up with salmon like bears do. Lol!! reason A made a good meal and we enjoyed ourselves. It does suck to have to go to work tomorrow though, and having a Tuesday off is the weirdest thing ever! Its smack in the middle of the week and although I’m getting a day off it feels like I’m not! I feel jipped! Lol. But I guess good  news is once I head back tomorrow, I’ll only have to work 3 days before my week is over again and this time I get a big fat 4 day weekend! Woot! Woot!! I hope everyone got to spend some time with their friends and family! Merry Christmas folks!

Hustlin’ On Christmas Eve!

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Quote Of The Day: “Your dad never tell us what subject we’re on. -__-;;” -Juse

I know its Christmas Eve and I’m supposed to be all happy and jolly and shit, but my ass is at work when the rest of the world has today off, so you can’t expect me to be too thrilled about this situation. >_> But the situation did make a turn for the better when Bossman had to leave early to attend his Christmas party and so he told me and the only other person at work, Manager Bill that we can leave at a decent hour! Woohoo!! Folks, the damn phone didn’t even ring today! Ugh. I was literally just here hanging out for no damn reason. Such a waste of my gas. -__-;; But good news is we can leave at 2:30pm, and Bossman gave me a gift card for $50!! Woot! Woot! Ended up being a good day after all!! Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve! I know I will!! XD

End Of The World Part 3: The Celebration…

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m not getting emotional about your brother Runa, its the mustard.” -Juse

Had a date with Runa today! But first off, I woke up super early to get my oil changed. Ugh! Hate getting up early for that. >_< I didn’t have to get up too early though cuz I didn’t have to meet up with Runa til noon. I ended up getting out of the shop super early cuz there was no line. I guess no one plans to get their car fixed around the holidays! Lol. Since I ended up being a little early, I decided to go shopping for the neighbor’s gift while I was talkin’ to Kenny. I didn’t end up finding anything though and then later I went to a farmer’s market close to Runa’s house and brought like 10lbs of sweet potato! Lol. #random

Me and Runa had planned to go to this place called “Mint”, it’s a Chinese, Thai fusion place. But although we checked the hours, the place was closed!! Auhhh!! We had to think quick and head somewhere else. Honestly we were both kinda feeling the Asian thing and just didn’t wanna settle for a burger or something so we hunted, and since we were already on Clairmont, we decided to go to Golden Buddha! That’s my Holy Grail Chinese restaurant! Lol. They’ve never disappointed me. XD

2012-12-22 12.36.42

Snapped a quick pic of the interior so I could report to Kenny! Lol.

2012-12-22 18.15.40

Our appetizer, Crab Rangoon!

2012-12-22 18.16.08

Our starters! Egg roll for me and Spring roll for Runa and we both had Hot & Sour soup!

2012-12-22 18.15.14

Runa had the Kung Pao Chicken, which looked super yummy!!

2012-12-22 18.14.45

I got the Schezuan Chicken that was delish!

2012-12-22 18.16.081

After lunch we headed to Dunkin’ Donuts down the street to have a sip and chat.

2012-12-22 18.16.082

I opened up the birthday present Runa got me!! Super cute Hello Kitty plush and mug!! Perfect for winter!

2012-12-22 18.41.01

And last but not least, here’s a cam-whore pic! Lol.

End Of The World Part 2: The Survival…

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Quote Of The Day: “Guess I’m good for another century!” -Juse

we survived

So ladies and gents. I heard through the grapevine that the actual “time” that we were all suppose to self destruct was around 6am this morning. Guess what?? Juse prevails and I’m still ALIVE! ALIVE I say!! Lol. Yeah, all this world coming to the end bull crap can finally end. Honestly the Mayans never said that the world was ending yesterday, their calendar simply ended there. Maybe they were like f@ck this shit! We’re not gonna live that long, why bother making a calendar that stretches that far? Let’s just call it a day! I think my theory is totally legit. >_>

One thing that did freak me out was that it was windy as all hell last night!! I could hear the wind howling. It was really scary and for a split second, I did think to myself, er… Is this it? O_o My last meal is going to be chicken lo mien?? Lol!!