Friend Status Updates

 MOOD: (Sure…)
Quote Of The Day: “You gotta report to me when you’re married and all.” -Toan

Alright, so today I finally have some good news updates to report. First is that I reconnected with an old friend. I was really excited!! Yesterday afternoon, Mikey’s wife, Adriana texted me. She wanted to know if I could hang out this weekend. She said Toan was back in town. In matter of fact, he has moved back. I can’t even remember where he relocated to. I think it was Kentucky or something like that? O_o Toan is my buddy!! Love him to pieces! We went to the same high school, and I know his sister and cousin both. His sister Do Mai I think is one grade younger than me? And his cousin Nhu-y is my classmate.

Nhu-y ended up marrying her longtime boyfriend from high school who is a grade younger than her, and MyMy’s little brother Dung. (*Stares at Lili) Lol!! So anyways, Toan and Mikey are really close friends and they both started working at OMX around the same time. This was a LONG time ago, when I was still at the Doraville OMX. We worked together for a few years, and then later that store closed down. I transferred to the Duluth OMX and later Mikey and Toan both transferred there as well. So we got to work together again!! Toan use to give me rides home from work cuz I lived right across the street. One night we even stopped to look at stars together cuz they were so pretty. Awww. Lol!

I love me some Toan!! He’s super dependable and such a sweet person. He’s ALWAYS willing to help anybody. One time my computer broke and he came to my house and spent like 5 hours fixing it. Then one time our OMX printing department computer broke and was on the phone with me on his off day walkin’ me through how to fix it for like 3 hours!! Then the next day he came in and fixed it himself! OMG. Best worker ever. So dedicated. But after he left OMX when he graduated and was out to pursue a job in his field, he had some difficulties. Job market was pretty rough then and he couldn’t find anything for almost a year. He asked me to write him a recommendation letter, and I wrote the best one I’ve ever written in my life. Lol. Toan was impressed. XD

He later got a job offering out of state and since anything was better than nothing, he relocated there. From what I remember, I think he’s been out of state for like 3 or 4 years now? I haven’t seen him since then cuz every time he comes back to ATL to visit, I always can’t hang out. *FAILS* He always texts me and wants to hang out and I am always either really poor or just have prior obligations. But this time we’re finally gonna do it! Woot! Woot!! But please tell me why we’re going to Saigon again. -__-;; I mean I love me some pho but I can only have it so many times in a row. Lol. Anyways, so Adriana text me to tell me Toan moved back a couple of months ago. I was like dude!! Why didn’t he tell me! I’m gonna beat him up. Lol. But I guess he was busy settling in or something. So right when she asked me he also texted me so we decided on dinner at Saigon on Saturday. Woohoo!

Next thing is. Yesterday when I got off from work, I called Unnie again. She didn’t pick up. Go figure. But she did suddenly text me “What’s up” around 9pm? I asked her how her day went and she told me she didn’t go to work. I was like oh shit! Cuz she’s a teacher and I know how dedicated she is to teaching so I got even more worried cuz I know it must be serious business if she abandons her kids!! But we did make some progress yesterday. She talked a little. She told me she had a pretty serious altercation with a colleague at work the day before. She was thinking about filing a report on it because it was very serious. I encouraged her to go ahead and do that. I do think she should switch jobs. That environment (co-worker wise) is not a good place. Its only making it worse.

I do sympathize with her. Right now, she has family drama with pressure from brother and sister-in-law, she has relationship drama (well lack of technically), and she is having work drama. At least I can say I’m not having any relationship drama. I am very blessed in this department right now. I do have finance issues and she doesn’t, but I’ve always had those. Where as she is not use to dealing with all this and now she is dealing with it coming from 3 places at once. Poor thing. I really do want to be more understanding but she really has to talk and let me know what’s going on in her life. I asked her if she wanted to hang out and she said she’s “not in the mood”. All I can say is at least I tried. Ugh. But in general, this is still good news right? O_o


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