Roll Over Pics From Yesterday + Back To Work Mañana

MOOD:  (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “Oh yeah. If I had ur mom, I’d go to Vegas alone and tour alone and eat alone and be miserable alone. Lol” -Lili

So I didn’t wanna take away from my great news yesterday so I decided to move these two pics to today’s post. Lol. #flexible

Yesterday me and Lili stopped by Little Tokyo for lunch. She had Teriyaki Chicken I believe? And noodles and green beans and I had Sesame Chicken, fried rice, and green beans. I was really busy talkin’ to Kenny so I don’t think I even ate much. Plus I was nervous from all the butterflies in my stomach so I couldn’t stuff my face although I was hungry. Ugh. Later Lili told me that she was staring at my green beans thinking she could have killed those off too. Ahaha! #greenbeankiller

When we were about to head home, it was getting late, and we wanted to continue talkin’ so we decided to head to Saigon for some food since her car was parked there. I had pho but Lili only had a bubble tea. #lighteater

Today I spent the whole day just resting and letting the news marinate in my head. I wore my ring to bed last night but I kept waking up to either a, stare at it, or b, check to make sure I didn’t bang it against my headboard or get it caught in my blanket. *FAILS*

I can’t believe I have to head back to work tomorrow! Noooo!!! Ugh. After a long “argument” with reason A last night we (actually she) has decided that I shouldn’t wear my ring to work. But shhhhh!! Quiet, cuz Kenny doesn’t know. I promised him I wouldn’t take it off. #badwifey But there is so much drama at work right now, I just don’t think it’s good timing. I definitely don’t want Ms. Lee to spot the ring and force me to tell her the whole story of how we meet, why he’s so far away, what we plan to do about it in the future, etc. One thing her hard headed ass doesn’t get is that my personal business is personal! Ugh!!

Since I posted it on my Facebook, Intern Roger does know. But I know he’s not a talker so I should be fine. Its back to work tomorrow folks! Noooooooo!!! >_<


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