The Proposal 3.0: Final Chapter – Put A Ring On It!

MOOD:  (Ecstatic)
Quote Of The Day: “So does that mean you’re officially engaged?? OMG” -Lili

So as of today… Juse is OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! Auhhhhh!!!! (*Runs around butt naked in joy) XD Lol. Ok, might have to reconsider the butt naked part cuz I do have a lot of wobbly bits. >_> But anyways, it’s true! It’s true!! I can’t even believe it myself! If you ask Lili about what I seemed like after we got the ring, she would say that I didn’t seem excited. Lol. In reality, I was just in shock!! I think she was more excited than I was. Lol!!

First let’s talk about the plan. As you all know, Kenny recently started a new job. He had been out of work for a couple of months. It started around my birthday actually and it was rather depressing. But I continued to be supportive and let him know that we can take our time finding the next job and that it was ok. He proposed official for like the second time on my birthday. I felt myself struggling internally about these “makeshift proposals” because this is not exactly what I had pictured as a little girl about how this should go. >_>

But to make a long story short, good things come to those who wait, and honestly; we’re making good timing!! It’s only been 3 years!! I think we’re on a pretty good schedule! Lol. Today was the day!! The day I got to pick out and take my ring home!! OMFG!! *Hyperventilates* You guys just don’t know. It felt like an eternity in making this happen and I can’t believe it actually did!!

Lili volunteered her time to help me in the endeavor and she was just as excited cuz she was there from day one!! So me and Kenny’s love story unfolded right in front of her, and I guess as cheesy as it sounds, in some way, it’s rather magical!! Lol. We started our day off early at around 10am. Lili and I met up and started en route to all these jewelry stores! At first I was excited, but it never occurred to me how difficult it would be. I can totally understand why it takes months sometimes to choose a ring. I’m trying to knock this out in one day. Whew!!

After researching a long time online, it was time to visit each store and look at the real deal. Sometimes it’s hard to vision how something would look unless you actually try it on. For example, according to the online measuring method, I always thought my ring size was 8.5. I even thought to myself, damn I have chunky hands!! Lol. Cuz on most of their websites, they said the average woman’s ring size was 6.5. *FAILS* That meant I had obese hands. WTF? O_o So all this time I thought to myself that I would probably have to get my ring resized cuz they wouldn’t have something that big so that meant I wouldn’t be able to take my ring home today. #depressing But when I got to the store, and got officially sized, how about I’m a size 7! FTW!! I don’t have obese fingers after all!! Just slightly chubby ones! Lol. Most of the rings I tried on fit just fine, there were only a couple that must have been Lili’s ring size or something cuz they were tiny. XD

I don’t know how many rings I tried on, and I think we went to 7 stores. With the first 3 stores, I tried to get Kenny’s full involvement. I really wanted him to pick one out with me, but honestly it was hard. I sent him the pics of the first couple of rings and he didn’t really have much of an opinion. *FAILS* He was just kinda like “Whatever you like Honey!” which is great and all but can I get some input here?? Damn!! Men! Ugh. So at the 3rd store, we had saw this ring I rather liked. But Lili insisted that we should shop around more, so we left and decided to have lunch cuz we were both starving and tired. The lady helping us was very nice and super patient although I was quiet most of the time and Lili did all the talkin’. Ahaha! Maybe they thought I was mute or something. *FAILS*

After lunch we hit a few more stores, and saw some we rather liked, but it’s hard to find that “perfect” one you know? Poor Lili, I’m sure her legs were falling off. What I didn’t understand is how she could do all that talkin’ and not be thirsty, while I’m talkin’ less and over here chugging water like a dolphin! *EPIC FAIL* So towards the end of the night, it was decision time. We were hitting about 6pm, and by this time we had been walkin’ around for about 7 to 8 hours!! Auhhh!! Man time flies when you’re indecisive! Lol.

I’ve always heard that when you see the perfect ring, you’ll get that “feeling” and I was like “Uh, yeah right.” But I guess it is true, because after browsing for all the rings, we ended back up at the 3rd store, and I wanted to get that ring! Here comes the destiny part. So we came back to that store, and chatted for a while with the lady and just as I was wrapping up the transaction and she was boxing my ring, a young couple comes in. The lady immediately greets them and says “So you guys are back!” They nodded and then said that they were back to get that “ring that they had liked”, and I saw the lady hold up my ring box to them and say “I’m sorry, I just sold it.” I was like O_O!!! ARE YOU EFFIN’ SERIOUS?? They were talkin’ about my ring!!

Lili was like “What’s going on?” Cuz she sat behind me and couldn’t really see what was going on, and I told her, “They came back to buy my ring!” We were both like wow!! The young couple ended up staying and browsing for other rings, while the lady told me that right after me and Lili left to go “have lunch” (and also really to browse other stores of course) that this young couple came in. She said they had picked out my ring and one other ring they liked, but of course like me, they were a little hesitant and didn’t buy right away. She said the ring was destined to be mine!! Cuz had I came back even just a few minutes later; she would have sold my ring to them! Auhhhhh!!! I thought this stuff only happened in movies? *DIES*

That’s how I knew this was “the ring” cuz the story is way too crazy!! When we left Lili told me she felt relieved that I got it cuz she would have felt so guilt if it ended up being sold to someone else cuz she was the one that dragged me out the store and said we should continue browsing elsewhere. So without further ado, here’s le ring on le chubby finger, and le me! XD Lol.

I really do like it a lot and I even got the matching wedding band for it!! How great is that?? Now I’m all set! Just gotta find Kenny something. Lol. When we walked out, Lili asked me how I felt, and if I was excited, but I don’t remember what I said. Maybe I didn’t say anything. Lol. I think it didn’t really settle in with me at the moment, but in reality my little heart was thumping a mile a minute!! Woohoo!! Raise your hand if you’re engaged!! Me!! Me!! Me!! Lol.

When I got home I contemplated about when I should announce this cuz technically I guess engagement would start today cuz I’m wearing the ring starting today, but he actually proposed on 8/05. *CONFUSED* But you know these days, nothing is official unless its Facebook official!! So tada!!!

Lol! It’s true, the immature, silly, and melodramatic little Juse that was; is now all grown up and well on her way to be married off! Muahahaha. Lol. Thanks to everyone’s well wishes and friends who are genuinely happy for me! And especially thanks to Lili who ended up spending the whole day with me slaving over rings! Lol. It was mission accomplished AND we finally got to hang out again after all this time!! OMG!! The last time we got to hang out like this was in college. *EPIC FAILS* But thank you, thank you for takin’ charge because obviously I was stuck in the “Uh…” mode for most of the time. Ahaha! *Virtual Hug* =)


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