Happy Thanksgiving!!

Quote Of The Day: “Move aside!! I know what I’m doing!” -reason A

So yet it is another Thanksgiving, another year. This is my first Thanksgiving on this blog since the blog started on New Years. There are lots of things that I’m thankful for. Lets detail a few of them today as we all take a moment to do 2 things. One; kill bird and two; give thanks.

One, I am thankful for me and reason A’s health. Although I’m sure there are plenty of little issues with us, in general we are both healthy and that’s more important than anything cuz without your health, you have NOTHING. All the money and riches in the world can’t buy you your health so I’m thankful for it. A few months ago, I had a horrible eye infection. According to my doc, it was allergies but really serious ones. Then because reason A was stressed about it, she ended up getting an eye infection herself! OMG. That’s when I realized how important it was to take care of our eyes. You only get one pair folks!! Take good care of them! >_<

Next thing I’m thankful for is le Hubby. I’m thankful for his continuous support, tolerance and unconditional love. Although we’ve had a couple of setbacks this year, those are all past us now and we’re both doin’ good! I’m thankful that I found him, have him and will always have him. He’s my soulmate, even if he does drive me crazy a lot of the time. Lol. I am also thankful that our relationship is progressing. I never felt like we had a “plateau” stage, but the more we realize we love each other the more we long to be together, and so I’m glad he finally made a step in the right direction, leading us down the path that will eventually end in us finally getting to be together. =) He told me I was his motivation for success. He has a goal and a dream to work towards and that is for us to be together, and that was very heartwarming. Hubby rules!! Lol.

Besides being thankful for family, of course I am thankful for friends!! Friends are super important to me because I don’t have much family. Every time I am in need, it is usually always a friend that comes to my rescue. My friends are reliable, genuine, and absolutely hilarious. I don’t know how I would balance my crazy reason A without them! Lol.

Lastly I am thankful for my job. Although I complain about it on a daily basis, but I am very blessed to be employed and have always been employed. We are in hard times, and considering that I am the provider for my household I am thankful everyday that I do have a job to go to that pays me, almost pennies but hey! Better than nothin’! Lol.

So today me and reason A roasted a bird!! It wasn’t a turkey but it was a huge chicken. It came out rather nice!! reason A hadn’t roasted a chicken since I was a kid! I’m surprised it came out pretty nice. Lol. We did realize that it’s probably better if we get a smaller chicken next time cuz it will be tenderer. The meat was leaning a little dry like a turkey on this bird. Lol. But all in all, a good Thanksgiving! Woohoo!!


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