Annnnd Its Official….

MOOD:  (Tehehe)
Quote Of The Day: “Congrats, Sandy.” -Unnie

Ladies and gents! Its official!! What is official you might ask?? Lol, one; I got confirmation today that I am getting Friday off as well!! Woohoo!! And I heard through the grapevine that we’re getting off early tomorrow!! Hell effin’ yeah!! So this Thanksgiving I have lots of things to give thanks for!! Lol. One of them is that I get Black Friday off!! Now can I get an Amen?? Lol.

Second official thing is that me and Lili are going ring shopping this Saturday!! Woot! Woot! Actually after a ton of research I think I’ve pretty much narrowed down my selection. I just have to go get officially sized. Unfortunately the ring that I picked out is not in stores, I have to special order it on their website, but hopefully when me and Lili go, we can take a look at what they do have and try some stuff on to see if at least the style will fit me. Then I gotta hurry home and order it! Lol. The good thing is that they have the ship to store option so that’s what I’m going to go with. Its pretty close to my house so it’ll be convenient for me to pick it up, and also I think it’s a lot safer to ship to the store than to my house cuz I don’t want it to get lost. >_< So now I’m excited!! Lol.


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