Toes In Pain + Black Friday Ambiguity

Quote Of The Day:

Today was busy as hell!! WTF!! There is always damn drama when Bossman is here. He had me standing in damn heels for over 5 hours!! FML! My toes were killin’ me! Auhh!! I was so knocked out when I got home, I didn’t feel like doing anything! I didn’t even eat much cuz reason A made mushu which I didn’t too much care for today. I think I have a craving for rice, like I always do. I think she’s making ribs tomorrow though!! Woohoo!!

While she was cooking dinner, I fell asleep on the sofa. I’m frustrated that Bossman still hasn’t told us if we’re going to be working Black Friday or not!! Why?? Ugh. I need to know!! Honestly I am pretty spoiled in this sense, because I’ve always had Black Friday off, whether it be working here or when I was still at OMX. I always got the early, early morning shift or didn’t work at all so I could still go out and shop. Now I’m so use to my annual routine of going mall hoping with reason A on Black Friday that just the thought of me having to stay in the stuffy office and stare out the window when everyone else is out there fighting til their death is depressing!!

He usually gives us the day off. But he hasn’t said anything yet so I’m like arg!! The usual routine is have a company dinner Wednesday (which is probably not going to happen this year), then get off early on Wednesday, like maybe get off around 2 or 3pm instead of the usual 5pm, and be off until the following Monday. The only good thing I get out of this damn job. Ugh. But now I don’t know if we’re getting it off or not! No!!! >_<


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