TGIF & Mellow Response From reason A… >_>

MOOD:  (Whatever)
Quote Of The Day: “At least you don’t have to wake up in the morning to commi music!!” -Kenny

I’m glad it’s Friday, although I kept thinking yesterday was Friday. *FAILS* Well after I got home I told reason A my plans for the next couple of weeks, and she was just kinda like blah. She totally is the party pooper or the person that rains on the party. Ugh. But that’s fine; I’m use to her and her sourness. -__-;; How about last night I kept having dreams about rings. It didn’t even have a plot; it was just random rings floating around in my dream. OMFG!! I can’t wait til I finish this whole ordeal! I think it’s making me a little cookoo!! >_< Ugh.


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