Happy 3rd Anniversary To Me & Pookie Bear! <3

MOOD:  (Excitement)
Quote Of The Day: “I love you and I always will.” -Kenny

It’s me and le Hubby’s 3rd anniversary!! Woohoo!! Man how time flies. I really can’t believe it’s been 3 years. It doesn’t even feel like it. I wonder if this is what they mean when they say time just flies by when you spend it with someone you love? Thank you Einstein for your Theory of Relativity. Lol.#smarttalk So me and Kenny have been though a lot in this 3 years. Endless nights of talkin’, tears of pain, heart to hearts, and a trip halfway around the world!

Though we are different in so many ways, it’s the ways that we are eerily similar that lets me know that he is my soul mate. We are both idiots, we both are kids at heart, we joke, we act a fool and we have no shame in public! Ahaha! We’re perfect for each other! What is love you ask? Simple. Its when you find someone that you want to annoy for the rest of your life!! Lol. Cute huh? And definitely the truth. ❤

I am honestly really proud of me and Kenny’s relationship. We work so hard to maintain it, and I know with our situation, many couples would have given up already but we are still going strong. It’s the extra effort that we make that makes our relationship so solid, and we’re very determined to be with each other, so we have the motivation and will power to pull us through the hard times. All relationships have set backs I suppose. We definitely have our share in a super sized serving, but it’s ok. It makes it that much more meaningful.

I know when me and Kenny first started going out, almost EVERYONE had their doubts. I had those who wished me luck, but I think deep down inside, even the optimistic ones thought the chances were slim that this would work. We’re not your average couple that has a few miles between us. We’re not cities apart, or states apart, or regions apart, we’re not even countries apart. We’re freakin’ continents apart!! WTF!! Lol. He is literally on the other side of the world. It’s amazing isn’t it?? And not only did we make it work, we made it work well and we’re going to be together FOREVER!! So to anyone who ever doubted us, or still does to this day (*stares at reason A >_>), I just wanna let you know that we’ll be a happy couple that will grow old together til the day we die.

Juse & Pookie Bear!! Together forever! Lol. Woohoo!!

This is the graphic that I designed him this year. Its pretty cute. For some reason, I’ve really been obsessing over the “square” layout. I think its cuter than the rectangle. He sent me an very sweet email in exchange. I know he’s not good at the whole designing and stuff, but he did try to fancy up the email with some stationary and similes. Ahaha. Poor boy. XD



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