Video Chatting With Le Hubby

MOOD:  (Super Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Please be understanding Honey. You know I’m trying my best.” -Kenny

I slept so damn late last night. Ugh!! And I was really tired this morning but I had to get my ass up at some unholy hour of 8am on a Saturday morning. FML. If I ever mentioned it before then I don’t give a damn, cuz I’m gonna say it again, but please don’t get yourself in a LDR. Its so stressful. Especially one from halfway around the world. Ugh!! But you can’t help who you fall in love with and I honestly wouldn’t trade my Pookie Bear for anything else in the world! Lol.

Our anniversary is actually tomorrow but we decided to celebrate today since he can’t stay up that late tomorrow since he has work the next day. How about we ended up video chatting online til his 3am!! *DIES* I think he couldn’t keep his eyes open towards the end and his speech was starting to slur! Ahaha. I myself was about to damn starve to death cuz it was like 3 in the afternoon and I hadn’t eaten anything! After we got offline, I went and stuffed my face with some hash browns that reason A had made. Yums!

Kenny and I did a lot of talkin’ and planning and all that good stuff. The ring shopping is continuing, and I absolutely hate it. Ugh!! I can’t wait til we find one and get it over with. >_< I always thought I’d enjoy this process but in reality it’s just a pain in both our asses.


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