Designing Like A Mofo

MOOD: (Workin’ It)
Quote Of The Day: “Maybe we can do it in a round about way. Like send her to go see if she can register for a handicap tag. O_o” -Juse

So I’m currently working on a new graphic. This coming Sunday will be me and Kenny’s 3rd anniversary!! OMFG!! Can you believe it’s been 3 years?? O_o It seems just like not long ago when we were celebrating out first anniversary. Awww… We’ll leave the reminiscing and all that good stuff for Sunday’s post, but today I’m having “designer’s block” it’s like “writer’s block” but for designers. Lol. The more stressful part is this is only our 3rd anniversary and I’m running out of designs already?? Lord save me. O_O *GULPS* But technically its not my fault cuz if we were close then there could be a lot of stuff we could do to celebrate like go somewhere, have a romantic dinner, or I could make him something, etc. But because we’re so far, there’s not much we can do. #depression

So every year I design him a graphic. This year however, since its on the weekend, we’re gonna video chat!! Woohoo!! So we will actually get to spend our anniversary together! Yays!! I’m still gonna design him something though. Might not be as elaborate as last years. Last year’s design was so complicated, it took me forever!! I was really hoping to get the design done Wednesday cuz Bossman wasn’t at work, so I could design in peace, but I didn’t get my shit together early enough. Ugh. Mind = Blank. *FAILS*


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