What the F@ck Did You Just Say?!?

MOOD: (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “She will make me put a knife to my own throat.” -Juse

So right now me and reason A are watching this TV series called “Puberty Meets Menopause”, and it is the funniest shit ever. But beside the funny part, it is super insightful. The series is basically centered around 3 couples and their families. It totally dissects relationships between dating couples, newlyweds, ex’s, in-laws, parents, and colleagues. But the point is not to detail this series in summary for you. Its not even to make a recommendation or a review, its to say something else…

And that is… That reason A is crazy!!! Now ya’ll know how much she hates Kenny’s guts. I’ve always stressed over their relationship and how ugly it has gotten without them having to live under the same roof. I can only imagine what a nightmare it will be in my future. But I’ll be blessed if I even GET TO that concern. Right now we’re just trying to get to the point where she doesn’t sabotage our relationship or make a show at my wedding! In matter of fact, I don’t even know if she’ll approve of our marriage!! Ugh!!

Many people have asked me why she hates Kenny. She hates him for very superficial reasons. She thinks he’s not financially well off like she’d like my future husband to be. She said he’s stingy which true, I myself say all the time, but it’s really not her place to say. She also hates him because he’s Cantonese and since her last husband who tortured her to be the sour and paranoid person that she today is; was Cantonese, she absolutely hates Cantonese people. Not only that, but since Canton is way down south, and reason A and I are from way up north, we are very different in culture. That means our speech, our food, our customs, etc are all opposites. I’m sure she’ll be more comfortable if I was to marry someone from my “hometown” but that’s out of my control. It didn’t work out that way.

So ever since Kenny proposed to me back in August, she’s been buggin’ me about this “ring” thing. What she doesn’t understand is why it’s taking so long. She said and I quote, “It’s just a stupid ring! What the hell is taking so long?? Why are you dwelling over insignificant stuff like the damn ring?? It’s not even important! If he hasn’t bought it yet, and you think he’s gonna marry you then HA! It’s never gonna happen! Keep dreaming!!” I have been so stressed about it, because one, it is important, it is also a big investment and I can’t just go out and grab one like a bag of potatoes. Two, we have so many setbacks to overcome like distance, etc. that this takes time and planning. And another thing is, she didn’t know that Kenny was in between jobs for a couple of months! I was scared to tell her! Ugh. So with all these issues, yes we are gonna be running late. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me or we’re not getting married! WTF!!

But anyways, so how about last night out the damn blue, she said, “So how are you and Kenny doing?” I said “We’re fine.” And then she said, “You know, you shouldn’t give him anymore pressure about the ring or marriage.” I was like WTF DID YOU JUST SAY??? Is it just me or you are the one that always gives me the damn pressure and I just reflect my frustration back on him??!! If it wasn’t because you keep pressuring me about how he’s not “genuine or sincere” if you don’t see a ring then I wouldn’t be so effin’ stressed!! Now you’re gonna effin’ tell me not to stress the man out?? WTF is wrong with you?? I can’t believe she let that come out her mouth!! She IS my COMPLETE and ONLY stress when it comes to this relationship!! It is really at the grace of God if she would just stay her ass out of it and let us handle it like the two adults that we are!! But I was floored when she said that! How hypocritical can you actually be?? *DIES A MILLION TIMES OVER*

I am thankful however that we’re watching this TV series together. I think it’s made her realize that young people need to handle their relationship on their own and parents need to stop “mingling” in it and turning it into a hot mess. Honestly, I am still in shock… >_> This is like the time she kinda “turned around” and I thought she was starting to change her views on Kenny and Lili had asked me about how long it would last and I told her not long cuz reason A is always one thing one minute and something different the next cuz her hatred for him is so deep she’ll never bring herself to like him. And this time I think it’s the same deal. Same shit, different day. She might sound all understanding now, but watch next week she’s gonna yell about me about him again. Ugh!! FML!!! >_<


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  1. What a wacky witch!! *slaps self in the face* If I had any traditional asian respect, I wouldn’t be calling your mom any names! *rams head into wall* But seriously…WHAT is wrong with her..she must be like me, have split personalities (but mine only comes at that time of the month) Last time she praises Kenny and gave you her blessing, now she’s bashing him again. Cant blame her for being such a miserable person b/c of ex husband, but people MUST move on and persevere! Poor Sandy…even poorer Kenny! I should remind myself to pray for you two more often. And thank you for referencing me in the blog, but I havent heard from you in ages, so I just saw for the first time that you answered my question.

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