I Have A Lot Of Meat… And Its Warm.

MOOD: (POed)
Quote Of The Day: “Apparently eating meat is not what God had planned for us. Cuz we’re running into setbacks. >_>” -reason A

Today was mighty rough. Last night reason A told me that the fridge was weird. I said how come? She said it seemed like the stuff in the freezer was defrosting. I told her to just keep an eye on it overnight and we’ll take a look again in the morning. Well come to find out, its broken. I woke up for work this morning to a yummy kitchen cuz reason A decided to cook a shit load of food early as hell this morning. Ahaha. She was afraid that the meat was going to spoil since its already defrosted so she decided to cook it. O_O;;

Honestly me and her both were pretty pissed off. I mean, we rarely ever pack the fridge with this much meat!! At the very most we’ll have some chicken in the freezer, that’s it! But for some odd reason, maybe it’s the cold weather, we’ve been hoarding meat like a squirrel preparing for winter!! We had like a ton of chicken legs, pork chops, roast, mackerel, and other fish. Ugh!! reason A was like “the damn freezer would pick a time like this to breakdown wouldn’t it??” It was pretty stressful.

I asked her if she wanted to just go ahead and put the meat outside, cuz it was so cold today, but she said no way she’d do that cuz there are stray cats and dogs in our neighborhood and if we put it out, then they’re bound to smell food and come steal it! *FAILS* So right when I got to work, first thing I did is call the realty folks for a maintenance call. Since it’s a townhouse community and not an apartment, they don’t have a handy man on site. They outsource all their maintenance work. The home appliance company that got dispatched the job called me to set up an appointment and of course I told them ASAP. But problem was that they said they didn’t have a spot open til tomorrow morning!! Auhhh!! What about my fridge of food? *DIES* They said there was nothing they could do til tomorrow. -__-;; FML.

So after I got off work, I did what I had to do and stopped by QT for some ice. I figured we could just ice over the meat and stuff until the next morning when they came to fix it. You can’t possibly cook everything right? O_o I got 4 bags cuz better safe than sorry and we did have a ton of meat so I figured I needed at least that much. But of course they were big ass bags and heavy as hell. I could only carry 2 bags at a time. I paid for all 4 and left two on the counter. I told the lady I was going to put these two in the car first, and then come back to get those two. I figured it’d be alright cuz there was only one other dude behind me at the time, who was paying for gas. After I loaded the ice in my trunk and turned around to go grab the other bags, a dude handed them to me!! Whoa!! It was the guy that was behind me in line a second ago! He did a very gentleman gesture and just brought my ice out for me! Aww!! That was so sweet of him! Chivalry is still alive!! Lol. Thank you to dude at the mid pump who brought out my ice! That was very kind! So in that sense, the evening ended bearable. I hope they fix the fridge tomorrow. Ugh. -__-;;


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