Juse’s 300th Post Celebration!!

MOOD: (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Well its not official until you blog about it, you know. >_>” -Kenny

Alrighty!! Well this actually happened yesterday but I already had so much stuff on yesterday’s post, I thought I’d be ghetto and move it over one day! Lol!! Ladies and gents, this is my 300th post! (Actually this is the 301st one). I remember I purposely started this blog on Jan. 1st of this year so that it would be easier to remember. Lol. I think I maintained my old blog for a few years?? And I’ve maintained my Chinese blog for over 4 years so far. That one is still going strong even though the damn server keeps changing. >_>

I intend to keep this one forever, because it is “Oranjuse” after all. My previous one actually wasn’t under “Oranjuse”, but I registered for this username a long long time ago. I do that with most things because I don’t want someone else having it. Ahaha. I am the one and only Oranjuse damn it!! Lol. I love bloggin’, although I really do wish I had more time for it. I remember when I had my old blog, I posted first thing in the morning! I had so much random shit to talk about, and I still do but I don’t have as much time to post about it. Work is consuming me. O_O;;

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this but maintaining two blogs is REALLY tiresome, but Kenny and a few of my friends read the Chinese one, and majority of the folks I know read this one. It’s like a good and bad thing cuz I feel like I have to catch myself to not speak my mind sometimes cuz everyone gets on everyone’s nerves sometime or another and I am quick to want to talk about it. But if that person reads it then I have unnecessary drama. Lol.

But anyways, I still love it, do it like a sport and if you don’t blog then at least read mine!! Lol. I can’t believe the year is almost over!! I should do an year in review at the end, like how I do mid-year evaluations. But then again, it could get depressing if I realized I haven’t accomplished anything this year. *DIES* >_>


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