Random Monday Thoughts And Pics…

MOOD:  (Sweatin’ & Grinding)
Quote Of The Day: “Well if your nose is dry then I’ll lick it for you…” -Kenny

You know the deal… Random Thought Mondays… But this time I got pics too! Yays! If you don’t already follow me, please do. Instagram: Oranjuse.

Didn’t sleep at all last night cuz I had a stopped up nose. #fml

Kenny started his first day at the new job today! Yays! #backontrack

Bossman is going out of town again for two weeks starting Wednesday. #thankyoujesus

It was mad cold this weekend but now its hot as hell again, WTF is up with that? O_o #whatgives

And for the rest, here are random pics from last week’s adventures… XD

Huge pumpkin alert!! And of course, me’s tiny hands. Lol!

I found giant garlic!! This always fascinates me. Is it like mutated or just obese? O_o

Dude!! The other day reason A cracked an egg and it was a double yolk!! Does that mean I need to play the lotto?? XD


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