Workin’ Overtime In Dreams + Cleaning Out Le Celly

MOOD:  (Tehehe)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t do pigeon going into China!! They have asylum in the U.S. cuz Chinese folk be tryna eat a mofo! ROFL!” -Juse

I slept SOOO damn good last night! OMG. I didn’t have very good dreams though but damn it was some good sleep!! I dreamt that I was working at OMX again. For some reason, I dream of working at OMX A LOT. I haven’t worked there in like 3 years, I don’t know why I’m still dreaming about it. Yet, I never dreamt that I’m working at my current job. Isn’t that odd? I wonder if its cuz OMX was such a part of my past considering that I worked there for 10 years. But what about folks that work their whole lives in one company? Does that mean they dream about work all the time? O_o

Today I spent the majority of my day organizing and deleting shit on my phone. Me and Kenny were comparing how much space we had left on our phones, I have a 16GB phone but only had like 2GB of space left! WTF! Granted that 4GB were taken up by my processor, but I still had a ton of random pics and videos that I hadn’t cleared out. So I spent the afternoon uploading them to my computer and then deleting them from le celly. Now I have 7GB of free space on the phone!! Woohoo!! I also have an 8GB memory card, mostly for music, but I am aiming to get like a 32GB or something. Haven’t found a bomb diggity deal yet though. >_>


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