Le Hubby Good News!

MOOD:  (Woohoo)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you know what they say about dudes with big feet!! They be havin’ some big feet!” -Juse

So super great news today! Yesterday Kenny went on 2 interviews, one was a second interview for the first opportunity from the day before, and the second one was with a brand new company. Well he ended up getting a job offer at the second place right on the spot after his interview and he starts Monday!! Woohoo!! I’m pretty excited, because I need for him to hurry up and be back on track so that “we” can be back on track with this year’s plans.

I was so super sleepy driving back home yesterday. Every time I’m sleepy, I listen to rap music while driving. Lol!! The heavy beats and yelling keep me alert. But it really wasn’t working too well yesterday,  was still sleep. *FAILS* I think I have to go to the store every single day this freakin’ week! I hate when that happens. Why isn’t there a Super Wally World closer by my house? I mean the one on Pleasant Hill isn’t that far off, but it’s not close either. Ugh. -__-;; First night, I had to go to get groceries, tonight I had to go grab some essentials, tomorrow I’ll probably have to grab groceries again. Noooo!!! >_<


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