Good News Comes In Pairs!

MOOD:  (Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “They were holding hands and talkin’ and I was there by my lonesome self, so I told them to buy me food. >_>” -Kenny

So two good news to report today. One is Bossman is out of town so I got another free day today!! Woohoo!! He went to the NC show over the weekend and hasn’t gotten back yet. Although we’re not attending or exhibiting at the NC show this time around, he still needs to go to review what’s new and trending on the market for our industry. Bad news is of course, that he’ll probably be back tomorrow, but I can’t complain! One day of free time is better than nothing! I spent the whole day just downloading movies, organizing more music, and of course catching up on my blogs. Running two blogs really is a pain in the ass sometimes!! Ugh. >_<

The other good news is Kenny called me this morning to wake me up for work and told me that he has an interview scheduled for tomorrow!! Woohoo!! I’m so freakin’ excited! I really hope he gets the job. It’s an executive position at a finance firm which is right up his alley. Hopefully they’ll have enough faith in him to give him a chance! I am SO thankful that he’s getting an interview and even MORE thankful that its actually in his profession! Thank you Jesus!! I’d hate if he had to take a random job just so he can be working again! Please pray for him!! If he gets this job that means we’ll be able to start ring shopping!! Gahhh!!! I’m so excited!! Lol!! I’m one step closer to being engaged!! Go Hubby!! Kick butt!! Lol.


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