Chinese Movie Review: Design Of Death + Painted Skin: The Resurrection

MOOD: (Me Scared)
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So I watched two movies today with reason A. I haven’t watched a Chinese movie in a hot minute now, mostly cuz I can’t seem to find a good website to download them from. Ugh!! I know most people just watch movies on their computer, which I guess I wouldn’t mind, but the screen is kinda small for both me and reason A to watch so I always look for the HD versions of the movies so I can download and burn them to a DVD. That way we can just watch it on TV. Its hard finding a legit copy out there that’s good quality so I haven’t watched any. Today I watched two that were fairly new, meaning they are from this year. And they were pretty good! Let’s take a look.

“Design of Death” is a very sick and twisted movie. I thought it was rather good, though at times it was like WTF. >_> It basically is a screenplay from a book called “Design of Death” and it talks about how this man dies of what seems like “natural causes” but the more you look into it, the more odd it gets because it seems that everyone around him actually has a motive to murder him. Problem is who was the one who actually did it? How did they do it? [Spoiler Alert!!!] But come to find out, it was group effort and EVERYONE participated in the makeshift murder, that ended up in the death of this man. But did they actually kill him or not?

It was very interesting. At times hard to follow because it kept jumping back and forth from the beginning to the end of the story. I like the concept of the movie, it’s definitely not your typical movie plot. I would recommend the movie if you don’t mind sitting through the confusion. >_>

Second movie I watched was “Painted Skin: The Resurrection”. This was a GOOD movie. I think I watched the first “Painted Skin” movie last year and it kinda sucked. I guess the graphics were ok, but this one definitely was much better, hands down. The plot was more interesting, the graphics were better, and I watched it in blue ray so it was like WTF! Lol. There was a really tender moment in the movie were I almost cried.

For those of you who don’t know the Painted Skin story, it’s an old Chinese ghost story, part of a series of ghost stories called “Liao Zai”. It’s really famous and is a big collection of ghost stories that have a moral at the end. Painted Skin is one of the stories. It basically talks about a female ghost that wants to be human. Because she is not, she doesn’t have human flesh, and every day she has to “paint” or “draw” on her outer skin. She eats human hearts for survival and to keep herself looking “human-like”. She longs to become a real human so she can keep her flesh forever, and uses her beauty in exchange for someone else’s human flesh. She’ll let them have her beauty if they basically in turn give her their heart and soul.

In “Painted Skin: The Resurrection”, the plot is way more interesting. [Spoiler Alert!!!] It basically talks about a princess who goes in search of a warrior guard that protected her when she was younger. They love each other but because of their difference in status, they’re not able to be together. The princess was mauled by a bear when she was younger so she has a huge scar on her face that she covers with a gold mask. After her love confession, the warrior guard refused her and she thought it was due to her disfigured face. The ghost uses this opportunity to grant her beauty again in exchange for her flesh. They do an exchange because the princess wants to be with the warrior guard, but in the end, they switched back, because it was apparent that the warrior guard loved her for her heart, and not her outer flesh. It was very touching.

Whether you like ghost stories, Sci-Fi, mythical creatures, or just Chinese movies in general, go watch this one. It’s a winner! Lol.


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