MOOD:  (Hooray!)
Quote Of The Day: “I have to be discreet cuz I can’t let everyone know that my wife pitches a fit when getting out of bed like a big baby.” -Kenny

I’m so thankful today is Friday, ya’ll just don’t know. Although in general I did sleep well for the past 2 nights, I was super sick Wednesday I think, and felt horrible. I need to recuperate from that. Unfortunately I’m poor as dirt this weekend, so I guess I won’t be getting any good grub. reason A and I however have managed to go back to normal after the “ordeal” we had the other day. We definitely have a love hate relationship. -__-;; More hate than love technically. >_> But we have decided that next weekend, we have to have a huge grub fest of seafood hot pot!! OMFG… I’m gonna stuff my face like a damn savage!!

Kenny’s brother came to visit him today. So he didn’t get online, but he told me when he called to wake me up in the morning that he was going out drinking with the bro. He came home around 2am? Men… Ugh! He said he had to get up super early tomorrow, but when I asked him what for since it was the weekend, he said he’ll tell me tomorrow. Hum… Suspicious. Lol!!

Happy Friday folks!! XD


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