Leisure Tuesday = Picture Day

MOOD:  (Woohoo)
Quote Of The Day: “If you kick off your covers again then I’m going to poke you in the butt!” -Kenny

I had a pretty leisure day today. I spent all last night talkin’ to Kenny and this morning too. I also spent the whole morning organizing the rest of my Chinese music which I am proud to say that I am officially done (technically). Lol. But I think after all that work, that warrants its own posting so today since it was so leisure, I’m just gonna post pics! Since my co-workers have come back from their out of town trip they each brought me back some goodies! If anyone follows me on Instagram @oranjuse then you’ve probably seen it but I decided what the hell, pictures are always worthy of a post! Lol.

More moon cake!! Glad I never have to buy any cuz somehow someone always manages to give me some! Lol! These were Jap style and very yummy! XD

My co-worker brought me back some German chocolate!! O’man! A big ass box just for me. Muahaha. Well at least they appreciate the fact that I busted ass for them for 2 weeks while they were gone enjoying themselves. -__-;;


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