I Cheat, And Then I Punch You In The Face

MOOD:  (WTF, No Really…)
Quote Of The Day: “Its because you’re such a little scaredy cat!” -Kenny

So last night I had the weirdest damn dream ever!! I woke up 15 minutes late today, struggling out of bed cuz I was still amidst my dream when I was woken up for work. So I had a dream that I was still in school and about to go take a test. I was running late for the test and it wasn’t one of those small ones in a classroom, it was one of those huge lecture hall ones. I had to go through an underground tunnel to get to the classroom?? O_o WTF?! And when I got there, everyone had already settled down and basically started. So then I hurried and sat down at the desk in the very back. The teacher at the time, was this huge man, that hovered over me. He resembled my middle school principle. Lol. So time was already up for filling out the front page, which was basically just your name. But as he was walking around picking up the sheets, he stopped at my desk and whispered for me to hurry and fill it in! He basically was giving me extra time that was not allowed!! I hurried and scribbled my name, but he said that was messy and made me do it over again!! I was so nervous cuz I didn’t want folks seeing that he was giving me more time. So I tried again and again, and finally got it looking presentable by the third time.

He hurried up, picked up my paper and walked off to the next row. Just as he walked off, the guy that was sitting in the desk in front of me turned around and said “How come he gave you more time?? Why did he help you cheat?” I just ignored him. Then it cut to a scene where we switched seats, and the guy that was sitting in front of me was suddenly sitting beside me. Then just as the test was about to start, the teacher had to step out for a minute. The double doors were to the left of us like cafeteria doors? O_o When the teacher had one foot out the door, the guy next to me suddenly yelled out “So I just wanted to ask you how you feel about teachers helping students cheat??” And a gasp of shock was heard throughout the room!! Then the teacher turned around to face him and said “How dare you!!” And then suddenly out of nowhere, a bunch of reporters ran out and surrounded the teacher and was all up in his face with cameras and lights and microphones interviewing and interrogating him!

I didn’t dare to look up cuz I was scared!! I was ashamed and didn’t wanna get the teacher in trouble!! Then the reporters all went away. Right when the teacher was about to attempt to step out for the second time, I saw that same guy open his mouth like he was about to have another outburst!! I started to panic and didn’t want him to get the teacher in trouble again, so before he could even get his first word out, I punched him in the face!!! OMFG!! Where in the world did I find that in me to do that?? I’m NOT a violent person!! Lol. It was just an odd dream. It was odd that it was a situation about me cheating in school and it was odd that I remembered everything so clearly, and it was odd that I punched dude in the face. Lol!!


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