Holy Grail Food + Foggy Morning

MOOD:  (Jazz Hands)
Quote Of The Day: “Well f@ck. Things were going smoothly too.” -Intern Jon

Oh man!! One of the managers that I was covering for came back early from his trip!! It’s only been like 8 days since I’ve seen him but when he came in the door this morning and greeted me, I had this look on my face like “Who the f@ck are you??” O_o Lol!! Damn. Well I can’t tell if I’m elated that I get to return all his duties back to him or not. I know the day that Bossman is coming back is approaching. But like I said before, I heard through the grapevine that he’ll be going out of town again in November which would be freakin’ awesome cuz I like November anyways since we get Thanksgiving holiday AND he’s gonna be away?? Hell effin’ yeah!! Lol.

Yesterday it was still raining and my flats that I usually wear to work got wet when I fought the storm to go to Wally World for ass paper the day before. So being the smart person that I always claim that I am, I decided to wear heels. I don’t know about other folks, but I always think wearing heels on a rainy day is a good idea, cuz it prevents the rim of your pants from getting all wet from dragging on the ground cuz you’re elevated by the heels, AND if you’re wearing like leather or patent leather pumps, they’re basically waterproof.

What I didn’t anticipate is that I would be busy yesterday and had to run around from desk to desk in the office, and when I got home my damn feet were about to fall off! Ugh!! I was starving so I stuffed my face with bread and my new holy grail item when it comes to bread. Lets take a look:

Folks, this is the shit!! Its so yummy, it can turn any kind of sucky bread into an orgasm in le mouth. Yes I just said that. >_> But anyways, I digress. Point was, I was too busy stuffing my mouth that I didn’t give a hot damn about the mosquitoes that were also having a meal with me on my shoulder. When they were done, I had HUGE bumps on my shoulders and back and it itched like hell! Ugh! So afterwards, my shoulders were feeling tense, in addition to my legs and feet hurting. *DIES* I couldn’t tell if it was just cuz I’ve been running around all day in heels or if my shoulder hurts from being “raped” as Kenny likes to call it by the mosquitoes. FML. -__-;;

This morning’s fog coming into work was also like whoa!!

Fog doesn’t happen often here, but when it does I guess it’s pretty bad. It doesn’t even look half as bad In the pic, but it was pretty thick in reality. >_> As you can see, I am back to “real” blogging as I’d like to call it. I know I’ve been slacking and basically cheating with my bloggin’ because I’ve been busy with work and having to manage two blogs really is a pain, so I’ve been cheating and haven’t really posted anything with content. Now that things are slowly going back to normal, I’m going to try and post like the awesomeness that is Juse. XD


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