Raining Cats & Dogs + Paper For Le Ass

MOOD:  (No Bueno)
Quote Of The Day: “Kenny asked me why I went int he pouring rain. After I told him the reason, he stopped lecturing me. I ran out of ass paper. >_> *Insert Awkward Pause*” -Juse

[Back Track Post]

Ok, it’s been raining for like 30 hours straight now, uh… WTF!! I mean really?? I know rain is great and all and we haven’t had any in like two weeks, and I sure don’t want temperatures to rise again, but this is re-donk-u-less!! I have to drive through Buckhead to get to work in the morning cuz I don’t take the highways in the a.m. and every time there is massive rain like this, Buckhead always has some damn detour. What I fail to understand is how the hell your trees forever be falling over?? Do your trees not have roots?? Man! It happens every time! But with that said, I had a very smooth ride into work this morning. Muahaha.

It was actually really busy today which I wasn’t expecting. What little free time I have left before the Bossman comes back I thought I could waste by continuing to organize music, and talkin’ to Kenny. Come to find out I didn’t even really have time for neither cuz I was so freakin’ smacked in the face with paperwork. Ugh. -__-;;

The night ended terribly cuz as I was driving home from work, it started to pour again!! It was getting really bad, and the worst part was I had to stop at Super Wally World to buy something. So in this pouring rain, why couldn’t I just wait another day you ask? Kenny asked me the same thing and my response shut him up as well as got me kudos points for being ingenious with Runa. Lol!! I had to buy ass paper. O_O Yes that’s what I call it. >_> Stuff like that, uh… You just can’t wait. Lol.

So God did take pity in me and right as I was searching for a parking spot in the pouring rain, one pretty close to the side door became free. I grabbed it like a pro and was on my way. Although I had an umbrella with me, it was pretty much useless cuz the wind was blowing. So basically I had the umbrella over my head and I was getting rained on all up my left side. FML. >_> After buying my ass paper and a few other things, I headed back out but it was raining even harder at this point, and here I am looking like a damn idiot trying to juggle the umbrella, shopping bags, and getting the damn trunk open!! Ugh!! Needless to say I became soaking wet. It was a horrible sight and feel. Blah!!

So when I got home I showered and changed out my wet clothes as fast as I could but after dinner I was really starting to feel pretty shitty. I didn’t know if being in the rain got me sick, but I usually get sick pretty fast if I’ve been in the rain. I remember that time I was in the rain with Kenny and it wasn’t but a few minutes and I did basically get sick. I felt really bad the later it got in the night so I hurried and took some meds. I told Kenny that I wasn’t feeling good and he comforted me and told me to get my butt to bed! Lol. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Ugh. -__-;;


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