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I Have A Lot Of Meat… And Its Warm.

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Quote Of The Day: “Apparently eating meat is not what God had planned for us. Cuz we’re running into setbacks. >_>” -reason A

Today was mighty rough. Last night reason A told me that the fridge was weird. I said how come? She said it seemed like the stuff in the freezer was defrosting. I told her to just keep an eye on it overnight and we’ll take a look again in the morning. Well come to find out, its broken. I woke up for work this morning to a yummy kitchen cuz reason A decided to cook a shit load of food early as hell this morning. Ahaha. She was afraid that the meat was going to spoil since its already defrosted so she decided to cook it. O_O;;

Honestly me and her both were pretty pissed off. I mean, we rarely ever pack the fridge with this much meat!! At the very most we’ll have some chicken in the freezer, that’s it! But for some odd reason, maybe it’s the cold weather, we’ve been hoarding meat like a squirrel preparing for winter!! We had like a ton of chicken legs, pork chops, roast, mackerel, and other fish. Ugh!! reason A was like “the damn freezer would pick a time like this to breakdown wouldn’t it??” It was pretty stressful.

I asked her if she wanted to just go ahead and put the meat outside, cuz it was so cold today, but she said no way she’d do that cuz there are stray cats and dogs in our neighborhood and if we put it out, then they’re bound to smell food and come steal it! *FAILS* So right when I got to work, first thing I did is call the realty folks for a maintenance call. Since it’s a townhouse community and not an apartment, they don’t have a handy man on site. They outsource all their maintenance work. The home appliance company that got dispatched the job called me to set up an appointment and of course I told them ASAP. But problem was that they said they didn’t have a spot open til tomorrow morning!! Auhhh!! What about my fridge of food? *DIES* They said there was nothing they could do til tomorrow. -__-;; FML.

So after I got off work, I did what I had to do and stopped by QT for some ice. I figured we could just ice over the meat and stuff until the next morning when they came to fix it. You can’t possibly cook everything right? O_o I got 4 bags cuz better safe than sorry and we did have a ton of meat so I figured I needed at least that much. But of course they were big ass bags and heavy as hell. I could only carry 2 bags at a time. I paid for all 4 and left two on the counter. I told the lady I was going to put these two in the car first, and then come back to get those two. I figured it’d be alright cuz there was only one other dude behind me at the time, who was paying for gas. After I loaded the ice in my trunk and turned around to go grab the other bags, a dude handed them to me!! Whoa!! It was the guy that was behind me in line a second ago! He did a very gentleman gesture and just brought my ice out for me! Aww!! That was so sweet of him! Chivalry is still alive!! Lol. Thank you to dude at the mid pump who brought out my ice! That was very kind! So in that sense, the evening ended bearable. I hope they fix the fridge tomorrow. Ugh. -__-;;

PMSing Like A Mofo >_<

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Quote Of The Day: “So instead of telling you I’m preggers, Runa… I am apparently experiencing menopause. FML x 100!!” -Juse

Super Juse, as sometimes I tend to refer to myself as, is not very super today. -__-;; What I am super doing would be PMSing. Ugh!! So as I mentioned before, my “womanly duties” were a week late this month. Sorry in advance to all my male readers for TMI >_< But in addition to that, I’m also breakin’ out on my chin and I am NOT prone to breakouts or acne or pimples or anything of that sort. I’ve always had shitty skin, but that’s mostly due to sun spots, discoloration and things of that sort, not bumps. But I have like five huge pimples on my chin!! *DIES*

I heard from a former dermatologist that the region of your face that has the breakout will help explain its causes. If it’s on the top third of your face (forehead region) then its due to dehydration. Maybe its dry weather and your body is lacking water. If the breakout is in the center third of your face (cheeks, eyes, nose, etc.) then its due to an allergic reaction. Maybe you’re allergic to some cream or makeup in your current routine, or you’re not washing your face well enough and you have debris in your pores. If you have a breakout on the bottom third of your face, (around mouth and chin region) then it is hormone related.

This would explain a lot. And I totally believe that I am having a bad case of hormonal imbalance right now. One, my “womanly duties” were a whole week late which has never happened before. I’m usually pretty regular (again, sorry guys) and two, I am having a lot of breakouts on my chin (hormonal related) and three, I am PMSing like a mofo!!

Today I totally yelled and fought with Kenny for no damn reason!! Auhh!!! I told him how useless he was and all this crazy mess! OMG. He actually even apologized to me for being useless. *DIES FROM GUILT* But in my defense, he did know I was PMSing, and maybe that’s why he didn’t really say anything. He’s super non-confrontational, and he’ll avoid it at all costs. I actually already know his routine. When he senses that I’m trying to pick a fight with him, he’ll just tell me he’s tired and he wants to go to bed, and then he’ll log off really quick. He avoids the confrontation all together and usually I’m ok by the next morning. And he’ll just talk to me like nothing happened. Lol. Bless his little heart.

I admit I was a total bitch to him. He took it very well though. This is how I know it was definitely hormone driven cuz I usually don’t PMS!! Ugh! And while driving home from work today, I felt bad about what I said to Kenny and how about I started crying in the car for no damn reason! WTF!! Why the hell am I emotional? It’s just like I’m preggers or some shit! *FAILS* Hopefully he’ll be ok tomorrow. >_<

Random Monday Thoughts…

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Quote Of The Day: “You don’t have to f@ck up the entire east coast man!!” -Tanya

You know the deal… Its Monday so… Random Thoughts! Lol.

I was going to announce that I was preggers cuz my “womanly duties” are running significantly late this month. But I think its just due to stress. >_> #hubbynothere

I have been getting hurricane Sandy jokes like a mofo this weekend, and its getting on my nerves. #justmyluck

Wind was so strong over the weekend, my neighbors opened their door, and their dog is still MIA. #bitchintheair

Bossman is still out of town this week, and I give thankith to the Lordith. #praisegod

I am almost done watching “Forensic Heroes III” and its depressing every time I come to the end of a TV series. #separationissues

Because of the shitty weather, I haven’t really been able to breath normally for a week. #suffocation

That’s all I got for Random Monday Thoughts folks!

Juse’s 300th Post Celebration!!

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Quote Of The Day: “Well its not official until you blog about it, you know. >_>” -Kenny

Alrighty!! Well this actually happened yesterday but I already had so much stuff on yesterday’s post, I thought I’d be ghetto and move it over one day! Lol!! Ladies and gents, this is my 300th post! (Actually this is the 301st one). I remember I purposely started this blog on Jan. 1st of this year so that it would be easier to remember. Lol. I think I maintained my old blog for a few years?? And I’ve maintained my Chinese blog for over 4 years so far. That one is still going strong even though the damn server keeps changing. >_>

I intend to keep this one forever, because it is “Oranjuse” after all. My previous one actually wasn’t under “Oranjuse”, but I registered for this username a long long time ago. I do that with most things because I don’t want someone else having it. Ahaha. I am the one and only Oranjuse damn it!! Lol. I love bloggin’, although I really do wish I had more time for it. I remember when I had my old blog, I posted first thing in the morning! I had so much random shit to talk about, and I still do but I don’t have as much time to post about it. Work is consuming me. O_O;;

I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned this but maintaining two blogs is REALLY tiresome, but Kenny and a few of my friends read the Chinese one, and majority of the folks I know read this one. It’s like a good and bad thing cuz I feel like I have to catch myself to not speak my mind sometimes cuz everyone gets on everyone’s nerves sometime or another and I am quick to want to talk about it. But if that person reads it then I have unnecessary drama. Lol.

But anyways, I still love it, do it like a sport and if you don’t blog then at least read mine!! Lol. I can’t believe the year is almost over!! I should do an year in review at the end, like how I do mid-year evaluations. But then again, it could get depressing if I realized I haven’t accomplished anything this year. *DIES* >_>

Headlight Issue AGAIN + Date With Hubby + Big Ass Biscuit!

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Quote Of The Day: “If its electric then I don’t have to pay power?” -Min

Had a date with Kenny scheduled for this morning and I thought that would be the only thing my ass had to get up early for but how about it wasn’t!! Yesterday I found out (actually reason A found out), that my right headlight wasn’t working. WTF!! Why the hell are you not working?? I just changed out both my headlights like not even a month ago! They’re both brand new bulbs!! Arg!! I was so damn upset! I didn’t know if the mechanic didn’t screw everything in tightly enough or if I just got a bad bulb cuz I made sure I got a good brand one and not some cheap $5 one! OMG. If it’s not one damn thing it’s another. Little Red is forever sucking up my money and time. Auhhh!!!

I ran to Advance Auto to pick up yet another bulb just in case it was a bad one, so I didn’t have to run there again. I got my ass up super early this morning cuz I was aiming to be the first person there. If it was something simple then I didn’t wanna have to wait in line for it and have it drag on for hours if it was just like a two minute thing. Come to find out, it wasn’t even the bulb. It was the socket. The socket was burnt out and a tiny bit melted so it was causing a inconsistent flow of power to the bulb. He said I need to buy a socket instead and he’ll put it in. Ugh. That will just have to wait til later. In the meanwhile, he poked the socket to clear out any debris, and plugged it back in and its working so far. Now my ass has to go return the bulb. Go figure. -__-;; #ihatereturns

I rushed home and skipped breakfast so that I could video chat with Kenny. We video chatted from like 9ish til about 1pm. I miss him so much. *Le Sigh* It’s more apparent when we see each other. I know he misses me cuz he had those long pauses where he would just stare at me. Lol. So I just keep quiet and stare back at him smiling. Now everyone say awwww. Lol!!

I was starving so I went to the living room in search of reason A and how about she wasn’t up yet either. *FAILS* I was just as sleepy as I was hungry so since I couldn’t eat, I did the next best thing which was sleep! Lol. But how about I didn’t wake up til 4:30pm. O_O;; Man that was along ass nap. >_> So although we were approaching dinner time, me and reason A decided to make biscuits.

Ahaha. How typical of our jacked up schedule. *FAILS* The ones we made last time were way to mini!! I mean they were cute and all but you cannot feed two grown as folks with five mini biscuits. >_> And well, this time… They were rather large. O_O;;


Quote Of The Day: “I swear we some hashtaggin’ fools!” -Aisha

Thank you Jesus it is Friday! Man I’ve had a long week. I know I say that about every damn week, but it’s the truth. Ugh. Unfortunately I won’t get to sleep in tomorrow cuz I have to get my ass up to video chat with Kenny. I haven’t seen my Pookie Bear for 2 weeks!! He’s been busy with the new job so I wanted him to focus more attention on that anyways. There’s a lot of stuff he has to read up on. I am glad that we are finally back on track though. Yays!! Happy Friday folks! =)

Movie Downloads + CVS ExtraBucks Attempt!

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Quote Of The Day: “I mean who think she!!” -Juse

We’re almost in the homestretch folks and tomorrow is Friday!! Woohoo! Bossman is not here so I had a very relaxed day. In the morning, I talked to Kenny. He’s been trying to sleep at a decent hour this week cuz he’s trying to adjust to the work schedule. So he went to bed about 11pm. Then I continued to download movies. There is this one TVB series that I’ve been trying to find for the longest, and thank you Lord Jesus, I finally found it in HD, Mandarin, with Chinese subtitles AND it was an mkv file!! Now can I get an amen?? Lol. TVB has pretty strict copyrights in place so rarely does anyone ever post up TVB drams for download. Wait, maybe that means I shouldn’t be bloggin’ about how I’m violating copyright laws right now. O_O;; Lol!!

Anyways, so the series is called “Forensic Heroes III”. I have one and two at home, which I rented from the video place a billion years ago, but I don’t go to that video store anymore, so I don’t have any place to get it. Usually when I rent from the video store, I just burn myself a copy and that’s why I have so many movies at home, but I wish I kept doing that cuz finding HD versions online to download is really hard. AT the very most, all you can find is some streaming ones, but rarely ones that you can actually download yourself. Ugh. -__-;; I can’t wait to start watching it this weekend!! Woohoo!! The whole downloading and converting mkv to avi and then to dvd is a pain in my ass, and thank goodness I have a bit of tech nerdiness in me or I’d never survive. Man this is a lot of work!! Whew!

Second thing is, I’ve been giving it some thought and I think I’m going to try and do more drugstore shopping. Usually for my essentials, I’ll go to a big box store, because they’re cheaper. Like Kleenex, toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I was never much of a drugstore person cuz I just think their prices overall is mad expensive. Even their makeup is on average 30% more expensive!! But I was browsing online today while I was bored, so I decided to look at the RiteAid and CVS circulars for this week. I try to look at them occasionally even if I don’t shop there. I think I just like looking at ads in general. >_>

CVS technically has a really good program with its “ExtraBucks” system. Basically its just getting like an in store credit (gift card) towards a future purchase with certain items running in the add that week. Often times these can be really good deals! For example, a toothpaste is going for $6.00, but there’s $3 ExtraBucks when you buy it, then you pay $6 for it, but basically get $3 back. Then use the $3 to buy another tube of the same toothpaste, and you only pay $3 this time, and STILL get $3 ExtraBucks for it, so the second tube is free!! I’ve been reading up on it, and some clever folks incorporate manufacture’s coupons and everything else, and even end up making a few cents at the end! How crazy is that?? Getting paid to buy stuff?? Hell yeah I’m gonna jump on that! Lol.

As you all know, I did go through a coupon phase a while back and spent a lot of time couponing and this and that. I admit that I did save nice money with it, and I’m not sure why I stopped. Maybe cuz I got busy at work? Not sure. But it was a lot of trouble, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to fully tackle that again, but it’s just a thought. Today after work if traffic isn’t too bad, I’m going to stop by my local CVS which isn’t too far from the house and take a peek to see what they got good. Lol.

Chinese Movie Review: The Silent War

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Quote Of The Day: “So to this day, Kenny still counts my age as such. So for your reference, I’m now 13. >_>” -Juse

Alrighty folks. Juse watched another movie last night, so time to evaluate. First off, let’s say two things. One is, I am really NOT a big fan of spy movies or movies about espionage. I find politics boring and filled with lies and anything related to is just 10% facts and 90% BS, but with that said. I did work with the CIA on a college project and designed a lot of marketing material for them. Lol. But that’s beside the point. Second, why the hell are there so many espionage movies coming out recently?? I think I’ve watched 3 Chinese movies recently and they’re all about espionage!! FML.

With that said, I am going to now rave about this espionage movie I watched last night. Lol!! First off, I think this is Tony Leung’s first real comeback to the big screen since Lust; Caution which technically is also an espionage movie. >_> I guess he found his calling. XD Lol. But it’s been a few years, and of all the recent movies that I’ve watched with the same plot or subject, this is by far my most favorite movie on the subject!! O’man!

Let’s give a simply synopsis. This is an espionage movie like I said before. It is set around the 1950’s in China. Dramatic time then because of the fight over power between the parties. They were both spying on each other and missions were not only detailed, and tenuous, but very very secretive. Tony plays a blind man, who works for a piano tuner. Because he became blind at an early age, his sense of hearing is extremely keen. Because of his keen hearing, he was recruited to work in a secret mission as one of the deciphers for Morse code for a certain party. Not only was he very good at it, he could fine tune stations at a ridiculous frequency that normal people couldn’t hear. Being blind meant he had to rely on his sense of hearing more than others, which made him a very valuable asset to the party. His training partner throughout this whole mission stayed with him every step of the way. It is only human nature to eventually have feelings for them, but is painful when it’s not mutual.

There is a HUGE twist at the end of the story that I can’t spoil. Sorry folks, I usually have no problem bloggin’ spoilers but this one is definitely better left for the viewers to see themselves. So instead, let’s talk about why I liked the movie so much. One, this movie reminded me of Rain Man, or A Beautiful Mind. Like some sick and twisted Oranjuse that I am, I love watching movies about savants. Although this movie didn’t involve a savant, but it involved a similar scenario. Basically it is about someone who is lacking in one area and freakin’ brilliant in another. I love watching these movies! They totally fascinate me!! Another reason that I love this movie is because Tony is playing a new type of role. I love watching actors reinvent themselves for a character, not play something they usually play. I remember earlier in his career, he played a gay guy. Ahaha. That was definitely reinventing. This time he played a blind man, once again a reinvention. For someone who can see, it is hard to grasp and properly portray the “look” of someone who can’t see. The stillness of the eyes, the stagger in the walk, every little detail is important to make his character believable. Hands down he did a really good job. Not only was it believable, but it was real to the viewer. I also liked how the movie wasn’t as politically charged as most espionage movies are. There were other things going on to distract you from the stuffiness of such a subject. Within the beauties of the movie, was a very endearing love story. Not all love stories have a happy ending, but they all have an ending, this one isn’t what you would expect, but it had a presence. Go and watch it!! I’m Juse, and I approve this movie! Lol.

Designer Juse Back With A Vengence!

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m waiting for you to become president so I can be the first husband and I can get an executive size burger. Yeah!!” -Kenny

I think we must be approaching that time of the month where I have to tackle my womanly duties. >_> I feel super cranky like I’m gonna bite off someone’s head. Kenny almost became the victim again this morning. I’m really trying to keep myself under control cuz he has a rough week. It’s the first week on the new job and he needs lots of support right now. I am usually very good about stuff like this, I’m very positive and encouraging when it comes to this stuff, and I’m am a pretty decent support system, but when I get in one of my moods, then oh buddy! Better watch out. >_>

So to calm my ass down, I decided since I haven’t designed him something in such a long time, then I’d make him something! I use to design him stuff all the time. One, cuz that’s just what I love to do, and two cuz its long overdue. I guess I stopped at one point cuz he never really shows any appreciating for it. He always just kinda brushes it off like nothing happened when I slaved over the computer for hours putting so much effort into designing ridiculously adorable graphics for him. But then again, he’s a guy and maybe I’m asking too much of him. Maybe if he did spend a lot of time complimenting me on how “cute” my design was, then I’d think he’s gay. Ahaha!!

Anyways, so since he started this new job, I thought I’d give him some words of encouragement and some reassurance. Guys need just as much reassurance as women do. You might think they don’t but they need a ton, but that’s a subject for another post. >_> Ahem, let’s get to the meat. XD Ya’ll know I love me some color orange and since its fall, I thought I’d do fall themed colors. It turned out great! A nice heartwarming design! Here’s the final product (downsized for layout purposes sake) Isn’t it cute?? Lol. XD

I included a large size pic of just the design itself without the text cuz you know, those are just lovey dovey words to le hubby. >_> Steal and you die. Got it?? Yes that’s a big ass watermark on the design serving such purpose. >_>

Random Monday Thoughts And Pics…

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Quote Of The Day: “Well if your nose is dry then I’ll lick it for you…” -Kenny

You know the deal… Random Thought Mondays… But this time I got pics too! Yays! If you don’t already follow me, please do. Instagram: Oranjuse.

Didn’t sleep at all last night cuz I had a stopped up nose. #fml

Kenny started his first day at the new job today! Yays! #backontrack

Bossman is going out of town again for two weeks starting Wednesday. #thankyoujesus

It was mad cold this weekend but now its hot as hell again, WTF is up with that? O_o #whatgives

And for the rest, here are random pics from last week’s adventures… XD

Huge pumpkin alert!! And of course, me’s tiny hands. Lol!

I found giant garlic!! This always fascinates me. Is it like mutated or just obese? O_o

Dude!! The other day reason A cracked an egg and it was a double yolk!! Does that mean I need to play the lotto?? XD