Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

MOOD:  (Pleasant)
Quote Of The Day: “I really wish we got to spend this holiday together.” -Kenny

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival folks!! Tonight’s moon is supposed to be super pretty, but will I get to see it? That would be hell no cuz its raining damn cats and dogs out here!! WTF!! It’s been raining every since about 2pm this afternoon, and hasn’t let up yet! Ugh. Well at least I got to video chat with Kenny this morning! We chatted for like 4 hours. I guess that’s pretty normal. Since he has a lot of “time” on his hands recently since he’s not working, we’ve been video chatting rather often. Almost like every other weekend. I am thankful for that cuz we rarely get to see each other, and when he has to work, he simply can’t be staying up til some 3am his time to VC with me. So even if my ass doesn’t wanna get out of bed and get dressed, I do it anyways.

Mid-Autumn Festival is pretty boring here. I guess if I lived in a place that had more Chinese folks or a bigger Chinatown then they would be celebrating more, but ATL is not the place for that. But to get us in the mood, let’s take a look at how they celebrate it back in the motherland. Lol.

Isn’t it gorgeous?? Mid-Autumn Festival is all about lanterns, decorations, moon cakes, and spending time with family while admiring the full moon. Of course I haven’t had a proper one since I was like a year old or so. Booo!!! Another thing that’s jacked up is, Mid-Autumn Festival was not around this time last year, cuz if it was, I would have got to spend it with Kenny!! I was still in Canton this time last year! Ugh!! >_<

But anyways, for anyone else that celebrates it, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival folks!! Yays!


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