Take No Prisoners Mode @ Work: Day 1 of 9

MOOD:  (Frantic)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you’re just gonna have to bust out with your super powers today.” -Kenny

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So today starts my first day of drama. I was super busy today, therefore have no time to blog. Lets do it in “random thoughts” format, although its not random. Leggo. >_>

Bossman is not here. #ishouldbehappy

Two other co-workers are not here and I have to cover their departments as well. #fmltothefullest

Shit that was left for me to do was a hot mess, and everything was wrong. #killmenow

Kenny knew I was going to be busy so he didn’t get online so I could focus. #missmyhubby

Was so busy running around that I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch. #dies

I really needed a Coke, but one wasn’t to be found. #needmydrug

Was so stressed out today, on the way home, I stopped by the grocery store to get Coke and chicken. #comfortfood

Major bloating via my womanly duties today. #fmlagain

That wraps up my Monday. Yeah. -_-;;


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