Intern Is On Her Period! + Juse Recovery

MOOD:  (Poker Face)
Quote Of The Day: “OMFG, I’ve been waiting for it forever! And it finally came!!” -Intern Canton Cook

So I get to work and what is the first thing I get greeted with? Intern Canton Cook is running around telling me how her “womanly duties” have finally come. WTF?? Is it just me or that’s a personal matter? I don’t wanna know when you’re on your cycle!! That has nothing to do with me!! Ugh! Why are you telling me this all early in the morning?? And the part that killed me was she said “OMFG, I’ve been waiting for it forever! And it finally came!!” Uh… TMI?? >_> Did you just have a pregnancy scare or something?? *DIES*

Honestly this might sound mean but I can’t wait til we get rid of her. Ugh! She’s so low class I can’t deal with her. I try my best to minimize my daily speech with her cuz me and her are not from the same world. I spend my spare time listening to music and designing things, and she spends her spare time at work watching porno on her iPad. Uh… What’s wrong with this picture? >_>

My cold has gotten a whole lot better, so thank goodness for that. TheraFlu saves me life every time. Lol. I took my meds earlier last night, and went to bed earlier. I think I actually managed to fall asleep before midnight which has got to be a rare occasion for me. @__@;; I woke up this morning not energized but definitely less cranky for sure. I’m not as sleepy at work so that’s good. Today I’m going to continue to tackle the task of organizing my music. Woohoo!! Yesterday I managed to do like 100 Korean albums and over 70 American ones. Woot! Woot!! I’m trying to get it all done before Bossman gets back. >_>


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