Bossman Leaving + Slow Week

MOOD:  (Auhhh!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Why steal other folks babies? We can just make our own!” -Kenny

I think I’m under stress. Every time I’m under stress, my teeth hurt. Ugh! Unfortunately my wisdom teeth are still growing at my age. WTF!! How long are they suppose to grow for?? I should just get them pulled out but God I hate the dentist. -__-;; So last night I actually slept pretty good. I don’t think I woke up at all. Which in some twisted way, makes me disappointed. The reason is cuz I’m so accustomed to waking up at around 3 or 4am, and being excited that I don’t have to actually “get up” yet, and can just roll over and sleep a couple of more hours. But today, when I opened my eyes, it was almost 6am!! That means I don’t get to roll over and sleep some more! That feeling was actually depressing! Lol. Doesn’t that just sound jacked up? Not only am I not thankful for a restful sleep but I actually like it better when I wake up in the middle. WTF? O_o

I thought Bossman wasn’t going to show up today but come to find out his flight doesn’t leave til the evening so he came into work as usual. Booo!! Lol. Intern Canton Cook turned in her “supposed” completed work today. I think she still has to make some corrections. She came out of Bossman’s office and headed straight to her computer to continue to work on her epic fail Excel. >_> I can’t wait for the Bossman to leave and I certainly can’t wait til the weekend. Ugh!!! Com’on Friday!! Lol.


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