Intern Canton Cook EPIC FAIL.

MOOD:  (Frustrated)
Quote Of The Day: “Why do I feel like she has to be spoon fed everything?” -Intern Jon

So Bossman is heading out tomorrow so we’ve been pretty busy at work. A couple of weeks ago, Bossman gave Intern Canton Cook a project to do. She was suppose to do some simple drawings and calculations and make an Excel with it. Bossman was going to use this as his guide when he goes overseas to find possible vendor partners, etc. He needs to know what he needs price quotes on right? Well he said that he didn’t know if Intern Canton Cook could finish it all in two weeks or not, cuz it was a lot of info. Not complicated or hard, just tedious. The due date was last Friday. So intern Canton Cook turned in her work with flying colors. I’m thinking, ok I guess she did get it all done. Well come to find out, Bossman is leaving tomorrow so he decided to check over her work yesterday, and how about it was ALL KINDS OF WRONG. Yes!! First of all, the paperwork was only half done. WTF!! No wonder she got finished so fast! She only did half of it! OMFG. My thing is, why in the world would you think its ok to turn your shit in like that? O_o Like really? So after she finished it, all she’s been doing is playing on her iPad. Now, you know you wrong for that. So yesterday Bossman yelled at her, said she’s irresponsible, and forced her to finish it, and check over it. Cuz how about the half that she did do, is completely wrong! Auhhh!! Ugh. Such an EPIC FAIL. I think she’s gonna get let go as soon as Bossman comes back. >_>


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