Date With Hubby + Ass Kickin’ In “Spot The Difference” Games

MOOD:  (Ahaha)
Quote Of The Day: “Thank God you’re only playing against me and not real people.” -Kenny

So me and Kenny had a date this morning!! Lol. Although I was sleepy, we never let go of an opportunity to video chat! Lol. It was a lot of fun. He lost a good amount of weight. O_o Now he’s making me feel self conscious cuz I think I gained some weight. Lol!! We chatted for a couple of hours and then we decided to play video games!! Since I’m such a rookie at anything arcadic, we went with something simple, like see who can identify the differences between two pics the fastest.

I thought this was a sure win for me cuz I use to play these things all the time as a kid! I told him, “You’re screwed cuz I’m great at this game!!” He’s like “Oh really now??” #condescending So I said “Hell yeah!!” So after about a good 10 rounds, I was highly upset!! The boy was kicking my ass!! WTF!! It was just so jacked up, so then I told him to stop getting points so I could catch up, and he was like “Uh, baby… It don’t work like that. >_>” *FAILS* Ugh!! I can’t stand him!! Lol. But we had a ton of fun. We played til about his 3am, and I was starving cuz I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch yet so I went to get food. After I ate, he was like “Let’s play again!!” And I told him no, cuz he really should be going to bed at that point, it was getting way too late. I told Runa, that he knows I always wanna cheat when I play with him, and he’s always complaining about it, yet he still wants to play with me. ROFLMAO!! #hubbylove


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