Boring Thursday… >_>

MOOD:  (Ok, Yeah)
Quote Of The Day: “Sparta wins. Just everyone dies.” -Kenny

I got to talk to my buddy Joe today!! I haven’t talked to him in forever!! Mainly cuz he went to China for the summer. He was there for like 2 months. Ugh. Someone please tell me why the white boy got to go to China, while the Chinese girl spent the summer in the scorching ATL heat?? FML. -__-;; Well we chatted for a long ass time, and then I added him on WeChat!! Now we get to stalk each other 24/7! Lol.

The morning was kind of boring. I had got a head start on some of my paperwork yesterday afternoon, so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed this morning. Mornings are usually when I talk to Kenny, so I need to be as free from work as possible. Lol!! But Kenny didn’t get online today. He’s been sleeping rough for the past couple of nights and he’s been going to bed late. We would chat til about his 2am, which can’t be good I guess. Once again, the troubles of an LDR… Timezones!! Ugh!! >_<

I cleaned my desk at work like 3 times today. Since Intern Canton Cook has a bad habit of touching my paperwork, I have cleared everything from my desk! It’s almost paperless now! Ugh. Shit you gotta do when you got a nosy ass intern. -__-;; I can’t freakin’ wait for Friday!! Auhhh!!!


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