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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

MOOD:  (Pleasant)
Quote Of The Day: “I really wish we got to spend this holiday together.” -Kenny

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival folks!! Tonight’s moon is supposed to be super pretty, but will I get to see it? That would be hell no cuz its raining damn cats and dogs out here!! WTF!! It’s been raining every since about 2pm this afternoon, and hasn’t let up yet! Ugh. Well at least I got to video chat with Kenny this morning! We chatted for like 4 hours. I guess that’s pretty normal. Since he has a lot of “time” on his hands recently since he’s not working, we’ve been video chatting rather often. Almost like every other weekend. I am thankful for that cuz we rarely get to see each other, and when he has to work, he simply can’t be staying up til some 3am his time to VC with me. So even if my ass doesn’t wanna get out of bed and get dressed, I do it anyways.

Mid-Autumn Festival is pretty boring here. I guess if I lived in a place that had more Chinese folks or a bigger Chinatown then they would be celebrating more, but ATL is not the place for that. But to get us in the mood, let’s take a look at how they celebrate it back in the motherland. Lol.

Isn’t it gorgeous?? Mid-Autumn Festival is all about lanterns, decorations, moon cakes, and spending time with family while admiring the full moon. Of course I haven’t had a proper one since I was like a year old or so. Booo!!! Another thing that’s jacked up is, Mid-Autumn Festival was not around this time last year, cuz if it was, I would have got to spend it with Kenny!! I was still in Canton this time last year! Ugh!! >_<

But anyways, for anyone else that celebrates it, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival folks!! Yays!

Plain Saturs…

MOOD: ( Uh huh)
Quote Of The Day: “”Do ya’ll have stars over there?” -Kenny

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I laid around all day today like a couch potato. I did talk to Kenny for a long ass time this morning and we said we were gonna video chat tomorrow morning cuz its going to be Mid-Autumn Festival. Tehehe. ^^; It’s a traditional Chinese holiday and a rather big one, and it’s going to be a full moon symbolizing a harmonious family so you’re suppose to spend it with your loved ones. ^^;

This afternoon, reason A sent me to Great Wall Supermarket to grab her some stuff. I stood there staring at the moon cakes and was really craving for one, but I’d be damned if I’m spending over $20, on four pieces of cake. Ugh! Someone needs to bum me some moon cake! Lol.

Take No Prisoners Mode @ Work: Day 5 of 9

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Quote Of The Day: “Well, we’re just gonna have to pull it out our ass I guess.” -Intern Jon

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TGIF folks!! I’m so damn happy I got my first week under the belt with this hectic situation we got going on here at the J-O-B. I have a total of 9 days of “Take No Prisoners” mode, and today was day 5!! Woohoo! I’ll have one of the people that I’m covering for come back next Thursday and the other one coming back the following Monday and I’ll be back to my regular schedule. Good news is that means I don’t have to cover for them anymore, and do 3 people’s work. Bad news is that it also means that Bossman is coming back. Booo!! But I heard that he’s leaving again in November!! Dear Lord please pity me!! Lol.

In summary, the week wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be. Its not like I am completely clueless as to what I’m doing with the other departments, but with that said, it is 2 full positions that I am covering for and of course I’m stressed. I was so stressed before I had to tackle this that I cried!! I hate being under pressure and stress! Although I always rise to the occasion, but its more so the anxiety leading up to it that gets me every time. Ugh. -__-;;

Easy Breezy Super Thursday! (Ok, That Don’t Rhyme…)

MOOD:  (Well Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m gonna poke your buttcheek until you get a dimple!!” -Juse

Woohoo!! Today was a super easy breezy day! I spent the whole morning talkin’ to Kenny and then my afternoon just organizing my music!! O’man! I wish everyday would be like this. If it was, then I actually wouldn’t mind having to cover for other people’s departments. Hopefully the next 4 days that I have next week will be just as peaceful. I cleaned my desk today and made a lot of progress on the music.

I have a habit of downloading an artist’s whole discography if I like a few of their songs. But with that said, that’s like a shit load of music to sort through. >_< So far I’ve only finished about 200 albums. I mean of the English ones. Lol. Metatags are a pain in my ass!!

I had McDonald’s for breakfast this morning, and apparently they are doing that Monopoly game thingy again. I ended up winning a free Frappe and a breakfast sandwich! Woohoo! Lol. I guess I got breakfast figured out for tomorrow!! Lol.


Take No Prisoners Mode @ Work: Day 3 of 9

MOOD:  (Chillin’)
Quote Of The Day: “Hum… Ok, so how easy do you think it is to rob a bank?” -Intern Jon

Damn!! Finally no more back track posts!! I thought I was never gonna get caught up. *DIES* Well today was a pretty relaxed day. I finally got all the drama resolved. (Well kinda did.) And that’s good enough. >_> I spent my morning talking to Kenny and my afternoon listening and organizing music. I honestly am starting to make a lot of progress on the music organizing thing. I finished all my Japanese music. I am about a quarter done on the Chinese, and half done on the American, and almost none done on the Korean. Ahaha! That is still progress though right?? Ugh. I dread organizing the Korean music, cuz there’s over 1000 albums. FML. -__-;;

However, I ran out of snacks at work and I’m freakin’ starving!! I even had breakfast this morning. Well, I had two hashbrowns from McDonalds, and a big ass Coke. I need a freakin’ Coke fountain at work if they want me to be a happy camper. >_> I’m gonna see if they’ll let me have it. Hum… (*Thinking) Happy Hump Day everybody!! I’m only 6 more days away from having to be in this damn drama! Woohoo!! but that also mean Bossman is coming back. But it’s so peaceful without him, I’m gonna miss it!! >_<

Take No Prisoners Mode @ Work: Day 2 of 9

MOOD:  (Exhausted)
Quote Of The Day: “OMG just f@ck me.” -Intern Jon

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Well ya’ll know the deal. I’m super busy this week so we’re gonna do another “random thoughts” format.

Slept like a pig last night cuz I was knocked out. #sleepislove

Morning was not that bad, and got to squeeze in a convo with Kenny. #yays

In the afternoon we realized that something for a client got screwed, and there was nothing we can do about it. #whyme

I ran around frantically to try and fix the problem. #hopeless

Had mushu for dinner, and it was yummy. #nicewrapup

End of my Tuesday! Yays!

Take No Prisoners Mode @ Work: Day 1 of 9

MOOD:  (Frantic)
Quote Of The Day: “Well you’re just gonna have to bust out with your super powers today.” -Kenny

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So today starts my first day of drama. I was super busy today, therefore have no time to blog. Lets do it in “random thoughts” format, although its not random. Leggo. >_>

Bossman is not here. #ishouldbehappy

Two other co-workers are not here and I have to cover their departments as well. #fmltothefullest

Shit that was left for me to do was a hot mess, and everything was wrong. #killmenow

Kenny knew I was going to be busy so he didn’t get online so I could focus. #missmyhubby

Was so busy running around that I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch. #dies

I really needed a Coke, but one wasn’t to be found. #needmydrug

Was so stressed out today, on the way home, I stopped by the grocery store to get Coke and chicken. #comfortfood

Major bloating via my womanly duties today. #fmlagain

That wraps up my Monday. Yeah. -_-;;

Emotional Breakdown On A Holy Day… SMH.

MOOD:  (Emotional)
Quote Of The Day: “You can’t expect too much out of men. They’re simple minded creatures.” -Juse

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Women are just emotional creatures. Please don’t hold that against us. Lol. We really can’t help it. @__@;; So for some odd reason, I was feeling really blah today. So then I called Kenny and as we were talkin’ on the phone, I suddenly felt upset. He had upset me some kind of way and I didn’t even know how!! For 2 nights in a row I had dreamt about Kenny and so that already puts me in a cappy mood cuz it just means that I am “binge thinking” about him again. >_< Then he said something to me teasingly, like how he didn’t wanna cuddle up with me, he wanted to cuddle with Mr. Teddy instead, and I got mad. >_>

Then I started to cry uncontrollably, and he tried to cheer me up. He asked me what was wrong and then made all these jokes thinking it’ll get me to laugh. This is always his way of comforting me. The bad part is, I have a problem when I cry and that is; I can’t get my words out. I don’t mean like stuttering or hyperventilating, I mean I will open my mouth and no sound comes out. I really have tried to talk!! Nothing comes out!! I don’t know what the problem is! It just gets stuck in my throat and refuses to make noise. Ugh!! So Kenny knows this. Usually he’ll sit with me for a while as I cry, but of course, like all guys; having a girl cry really stress him the hell out. He didn’t know what to do and after a few minutes of trying this and that, I guess he finally gave up. He said, “Ok, well I’m going to bed.” I just said “Oh…” while sniffling even harder and he said, “Ok, well goodnight…” and then he hung up!! OMFG!! When he hung up, I just lost it. Like literally I buried my face in my pillow and just let it all out. I was crying my effin’ eyes out!!

I was less upset about the initial thing I was upset about this time, and instead super upset by the fact that he left me there to cry all by myself!! I know my guy readers are reading this like WTF is wrong with women, but women want to be comforted and cuddled when something is wrong and we want to be able to soak your shirt in our tears, and just to be held close and told that it’s going to be ok!! But instead, what does he do?? He cuts the convo short and goes to bed! Auhhhh!!! I was upset, I was disappointed, I was frustrated, I was super super sad!! I cried for like 15 minutes straight, and then my phone rings.

I pick up, of course its Kenny. He asked me if I had calmed down some. He said he went to change his cell phone battery cuz it ran out. Well if that were the case then why didn’t you just say so!! Why did you say you were going to bed!! Auhh!! You had me all upset for no reason!  So then I finally managed to get some words out and in a squeaky voice I said “I was crying and you just left me!! And then I started crying even harder!!” *Sob, Sob* and he said “I know baby. And now I’m back to comfort you. *Hugs*” And with that, I was all better. Lol!! He always does this crap and I fall for it every damn time!! Auhhh!! Because he doesn’t know what to do when I cry uncontrollably and don’t talk, he just lets me have a few minutes to cry it out. I know he’s gonna call me back, but I always fall for his trick and think he went to bed! Damn you!! Then today I found out that it was womanly duties time, so I was just PMSing. -__-;;

Date & Games With Le Hubby

MOOD:  (Tehehe)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you freakin’ lying to me?? You know how to play Chinese Checkers don’t you!! Stop lying to me!!” -Juse

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Well I was knocked out from trying to learn how to do everyone’s shit on short notice yesterday, and I really wanted to sleep in longer today, but that didn’t work out. I woke up and called Kenny the same time I always do, around 10ish. He decided that he wanted to video chat with me. Fine! Like I said before, no matter how tired, how sleepy; I always get my ass up to video chat with him upon request because we’re so far away, and every minute that I get to see him is bitter sweet.

We video chatted for a few hours, and played games online. We played the same game we always do where you see who can find the differences between two pics the fastest. Then we decided to expand our horizon and do another game. So we decided on Chinese Checkers. How about Kenny didn’t know how to play! I thought all Chinese knew how to play Chinese Checkers! *FAILS* The rules are super easy so I told him the basics, he read up on the rules and we started! Of course, I told him that I’m great at this game, and that he’s gonna lose and its gonna be ugly. Honestly I have to learn to shut up and stop saying that cuz I said that with the other game and my ass loses all the damn time. -__-;;

But guess what?? First game I won!! Woohoo!!! However, I only won by one freakin’ step!! He was only behind me by one step! OMG, close call. Point is I won. Bad thing is, he won the second game by a shit load! That was horrible. Ugh!! I hate when he wins cuz he’s always super smug about it. >_> I can’t tell if its cute or if I wanna punch him in the face. -__-;;

Poor Hubby + Prepping For Hell!

MOOD:  (Awww)
Quote Of The Day: “My alarm for you to get up for work, woke me up.” -Kenny

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Today when Kenny called to wake me up, I thought it was another man. The warm sexy voice that I was use to waking me up was gone, and it was replaced by a deep raspy voice. *DIES* Poor Kenny!!! He didn’t get back home from the hospital for the second time around til about 4pm!! Of course he skipped dinner and went straight to bed. Unfortunately, he had set his alarm clock to the time that I have to get up for work, and so it woke him up. Awww. Poor thing. (*Pets him), so with his half awake self, he attempted to wake me up. I just wanted to give my Pookie Bear a hug. >_<

Needless to say, he didn’t get online this morning cuz he was so damn knocked out, which was fine, cuz I had a busy morning myself. Next week is going to be very very stressful for me, cuz no one is here!! I have to run the whole damn place myself!! What kind of sorcery is this?? Ugh!! So I have to cover my department and two others and the Bossman isn’t here!! Now this would have been great if he was the only one not here, cuz then I’d have some peace and quiet for a month!! But no, of course everyone and their Momma wanna request off at the same damn time, and I’m the one stuck covering for EVERYONE. Auhhh!! FML. -__-;;

I am so damn stressed about this, ya’ll just don’t even know. It’s going to be 9 days of pure hell!! Ugh. The worst part isn’t even that I have to cover other people’s departments, is that their departments are a hot mess right now! I don’t know why, but for someone reason they have a screw up, and now they’re just up and leaving their hot mess to me?? WTF!! Can you even do that?? *DIES*

Later in the afternoon, Kenny did get online, he woke up at some odd hour like 3am or something and got online. I talked to him til it was time to get off work, and he went back to sleep.