Happy Birthday Momma Juse!!

MOOD:  (Yays!)
Quote Of The Day: “Well, guess having a daughter is good after all. Cuz I have a good daughter, now I have a good son-in-law too!” -reason A

So today is reason A’s birthday!! I made a birthday post on Facebook, even though she’s not on Facebook (Thank God) but I still posted it in honor of her birthday. ^^;;

Also to report, I actually gave reason A her letter from Kenny early yesterday, along with some money. It’s pretty common for younger kids to give their parents red envelopes (of money) on their birthday as a good wish for the elder. (Chinese style), it’s really suppose to happen after they get married, but in my case, same difference. >_> I told her it was from me and Kenny. Since she LOVES her some money, it put her in a good mood right away. Lol. Damn shame. I am honestly trying everything in my power to make her like Kenny. This is a better time than ever to get on her good side. So he used the letter to not only wish her happy birthday but also to ask her for my hand in marriage!! Whoa!! Lol. Kill two birds with one stone. It’s a win win! It ended up being very cute. Lets take a look:


Dear Mom,
Today is your birthday!! So I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, I’m far away and am not able to give you my wishes in person, but from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to give my best wishes, and may you be healthy and youthful! I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking such good care of Sandy, and being the great mother that you are to her, so that I had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful and special girl. I can tell from her character, what a great person and mother you are. It is obvious that she had to get her loving, caring, and generous personality from none other than yourself. Through the years, me and Sandy have gotten to know each other very well, and have fallen deeply in love with each other. I have found my soul mate, and we can clearly see the same goals and dreams for our future. I wish nothing more than to grow old and grey with her. I ask you today for her hand in marriage and that you give us your blessings. I want to take care of her for the rest of my life. Together, we will make a beautiful family. And lastly again, I’d just like to wish you many more joyous years to come! Happy Birthday Mom!


So I tried many attempts but couldn’t find the right “timing” to show reason A this letter!! Isn’t it cute though?? Guess he figured, if she won’t talk to him on the phone, he had to find some way to tell her what he has to say, so let’s do a letter!! Lol. Well I finally got to show it to her after dinner, and I was terrified of what her reaction might be but she loved it!! I told her that he wrote her a letter, and she said “Oh really?” And I showed it to her. She read it out loud and  after she finished, she said “Well that was very well written! He’s a well spoken guy.” I had a huge grin on my face! Then she said “Well, guess having a daughter is good after all. Cuz I have a good daughter, now I have a good son-in-law too!” I was like WOW!!! I was ecstatic!! That is a HUGE compliment coming from her about Kenny!! You know what that means people?? That means that she totally accepts him, for good or for bad, she called him “son-in-law”!! Oh man!! Huge step!! And she thinks he did a good job with the letter! She had a smug face on afterwards and said, “See?? Even he knows that your character shows that I raised you right and am a dedicated mother!! Cuz bad parenting produces bad kids!!” Lol!! I was like alright… No need to get smug! Lol. It was obvious she was in a good mood, and I was both super happy and had a huge sigh of relief!

I had to hurry and text Kenny to tell him the good news!! But I was scared that my text would wake him up again, he didn’t sleep til almost like 4am, cuz of the letter, and then me accidentally waking him up with my email. >_< This morning when he called to wake me up, I told him the whole story and I could tell he had a sigh of relief too. Ahahaha. Shit you gotta go through for reason A!! So since I have to do a birthday post on my Chinese blog for her too, I made another graphic! Cute much? XD


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