Geese!!! Canadians!! Hell Yeah!!

MOOD:  (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “You know they would never fly over China, cuz they’d probably get eaten.” -reason A

So today I felt lazy. It’s technically my first real weekend off since the whole business trip thing. So I really haven’t had an off day in like 2 weeks, and plus it’s still that time of the month so I feel really cranky and lazy, but I had to get my ass up and go do my emissions test for Little Red. I should have got my ass up in the morning to do it, but I didn’t. After I had lunch, breakfast or whatever in the hell you wanna call it, I felt drowsy again. Ugh!! I hate having to run errands and I’m sleepy as hell.

I dragged my ass out in the heat and went to the place I always go. The emissions test guys knows me, cuz I’ve been there at least 3 times if not more and let me tell you… He creeps me out. O_O;; Every time I go there, he seems super friendly, but he always tells me how he doesn’t have cell phone or computer and have never owned one in his life. So I’m just like hum… I’m sure there are people like him out there, but that freaks me out that he insists on telling me that every time. >_> Good news is that Little Red passed with flying colors FINALLY!! I always get so damn stressed when she has to do emissions cuz for the past two times, she’s been giving me drama. I also need to get my oil changed, but that’s gonna have to wait til next week. -__-;;

When I got back, it was going on 3pm, and I decided to take a nap. I knew reason A had to go grocery shopping, so I wanted to get some shut eye before then. I didn’t wake up til about 7pm, and while normal families would be eating dinner, we were just then going out to buy the damn food. *FAILS* We stopped by 3 places as we always do when we’re together. First we always hit MegaMart, cuz their produce is mad cheap. Then we go to Great Wall Supermarket, so she can pick up Chinese stuffers, and then we end it with H-Mart cuz they have cheap and fresh produce too.

A while back, while visiting MegaMart, we found 2 wild geese just roaming around. It was odd since they’re always in a flock and these two were just by themselves. We figured they probably just wandered off or got tired and decided to do their own thing. I later went online to research it and I think they are Canadian Geese. They were an adorable couple and we saw them for a few weeks. Then finally when it occurred to us to bring some damn bread with us to feed them we didn’t see them anymore. *FAILS* Since we haven’t seen them for a long time, as I was driving through that area again, reason A asked me if I see the two. She said she missed them. Right when she said that, I looked and what did I see?? I saw two! So I thought it was them, but then I looked further and found it was a whole freakin’ army of them!! WHOA BABY!! We hit the jackpot!! Lol. I hurried and made a U turn and parked in the abandoned parking lot where they were grazing. It was like 20 of them!

They were so freakin’ friendly and timid and not scared of people at all!! I walked closer and they started walking closer to me too! Ahaha!! It was really awesome! Just as I was taking pics and filming this bunch, how about from afar I saw another bunch heading our way!! O’man!! Altogether it must have been over 30 of them! I’ve never been so close to geese before!! They didn’t make a fuss, or get startled or anything! They were just doing their thing!! Me and reason A were amazed! I got some great pics from the phone and I even took a good vid, but I’m too lazy to post up the video. Lol. So ya’ll will just have to enjoy me’s pics. Now I freakin’ love geese!! But don’t get me wrong, I still love emu. >_>


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