Rediscovered Old Love: QT Cappuccino in Caramel Macchiato + Backtracks DONE.

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Quote Of The Day: “Stop buying such a big cup when you know you have baby hands!” -Kenny

Thank you Lord I am finally caught up with all my blog posts both on this blog and my Chinese one!! Whew!! I really thought I wouldn’t be behind this time since I brought my laptop with me on the trip. I guess I thought I could just blog while I’m there like I do when I’m home, but I really had no time!! I barely squeezed in a video chat with Kenny. Couldn’t waste the opportunity to have some “us” time since I was in the privacy of my hotel room and didn’t have to worry about reason A busting in on me. O_O;; *GULPS*

So when I got back I had like a shit ton of blog posts to write and then since I was behind on last weeks, I didn’t do this week’s either and I had double the blog posts to write in two languages!! WTF!! Thank God I had a ton of pics so I could kind of use the pics to help guide me so I know what the hell happened on each day cuz my memory is shitty and I wouldn’t remember back that far. >_>

Since it’s been a rough week, and it’s that time of the month, (sorry TMI) I needed something both to keep me awake, and something warm cuz drinking cold shit now makes me cramp. I had to get gas at QT yesterday anyways, so I stopped and got some cappuccino. I hadn’t had QT cappuccino since like high school and had totally forgotten how yummy it was!! Honestly for some convenient store coffee, QT’s cappuccino is the shit!! Lol.

I got the medium sized one yesterday, which is like a 20oz I believe. I finished it before I got to work, and was kinda longing for some more. It was cheap, I think a little less than $1.50. So this morning I decided to up the size to the biggest one they had!! It was the 24oz cup!!

Look at this damn thing in my baby hands!! Lol. It felt like I was holding a Starbucks trenta sized cup although I know that’s even bigger. O_O;; Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it all. It was just too massive. I need them to make a 22oz cup or something. XD I almost finished it though. Basically cuz the bottom was pretty much cold and I don’t drink it after it goes cold. Booo!!! Its definitely a rediscovery of an old love. Lol.


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