I’ll B!tch Slap You. Don’t Tempt Me.

Quote Of The Day: “Um, that’s not important. Don’t look through that.” -Juse

[Back Track Post]

So while I’m busy as hell at work. Intern Canton Cook has nothing to do. Actually she’s welcome to do her paperwork but she refuses. If I haven’t mentioned this before, this girl has no home training. So today she asked if she can look at some paperwork from our expo that was lying on top of my desk. I said ok, and she only asked to see the “expo” paperwork, which was the first stack on top of my desk. So any normal person would think she would only look at that. Please tell me why this heffa looked through ALL MY PAPERWORK!! I was like WTF is wrong with you??

You cannot randomly look through people’s desks!! Who the hell said you could look at everything on my damn desk?? You lucky I let you look at what you asked for. I’m not obligated to let you look at my notes or paperwork. You should have took your own damn notes! But because you’re bored or curious, then you flip through all my shit?? How you know I don’t have client confidential info on my desk?? I was so damn heated, I felt like yelling at her. I really wanted to stay professional though, so I had to tell myself to breathe. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I told her, “Um, that’s not important. Don’t look through that.” Trying to be polite about it. But how about she continued to flip through it! Auhhh!!! Someone please hold me back cuz I’m about to slap this b!tch!! >_<


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