Week A La Pics Cuz I’m Busy >_>

MOOD:  (Workin’ It!)
Quote Of The Day: “You’re neglecting our niece and nephew by just now telling me that they turned 6 months old a couple of days ago. You suck as an aunt.” -Kenny

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I’m really way too busy to post today. I have all this paperwork shit I’m trying to take care of from the expo. When I get home, I’m so worn out, I just eat dinner and head to bed. This is a long and painful week. So I’m cheating again and posting pics. Lol. This is just random shit I took pics of while on the trip that I couldn’t squeeze into a post or forgot to post. Enjoy.

Intern Jenny and Intern Canton Cook’s motel lobby. Stuff looks ancient. Lol. XD

My hotel lobby. Looks more normal. >_>

Mt. Fuji Japanese restaurant ambiance.

Popcorn I stole from the Sunday Shop, and had for a snack.

Free tote bags from one of our sponsors. Thanks Surya! Love the bags!

Had fried chicken and the fixins one day for lunch. It was kind of heavy for lunch actually. -__-;;

Apparently my breakfast one morning. But I can’t remember when. *FAILS*

Annnd finally!! We saw buffalo!! I was excited! Lol.


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