Business Trip Day 6: Wrapping Up + Bishop’s BBQ + Heading Home

Quote Of The Day: “If you dare say yes, then I’m gonna beat the crap out of you!!” -Juse

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Breakfast this morning. Back to the continental breakfast, and the ham was hard as shit. Blah. >_>

So freakin’ tired this morning and my eyes are still swollen. Guess it’s time to layer on the makeup. *DIES* Things never seem to go as planned, and we had actually planned it pretty good. I thought that we could pack up as soon as we got to the showroom and then get ready to leave around noon. Well when we got there, how about it was rather busy!! We had a few clients there already waiting for us, and then we stayed busy for a couple of hours. Later when it was starting to hit noon and I thought we could get a breather and then pack up and go, Bossman suddenly says he wants to go casino hopping. WTF is wrong with you?? Who the hell gambles in broad daylight around noon?? He’s such a freakin’ douche!! He said we can eat lunch at the casino and then head home from there!! But the casino is in Tunica!! That’s another 2 hour drive!! That means our drive back into Atlanta would have went from 5 to 7 hours!! Do you not know that Intern Jon will be driving the whole 7 hours by himself?? Do you not know that you are now on MY PERSONAL TIME?? It’s a freakin’ Saturday!! I should be sleeping in but I’m at work and I’m not getting paid extra or overtime for this shit!! I’m also not going to get compensated for this day by having an extra day off!! Why the f@ck are you takin’ up my off day for stupid shit like you wanting to gamble?? WTF!!

I was super pissed. That would mean that I still wouldn’t get home til some 3am on a Sunday or some crazy shit like that!! Ugh!! I told all my interns if they agreed to go I was gonna karate chop their asses, so everyone voted no, and he finally gave up. Later him and his friend went by themselves, and left me with all my interns to clean up the mess, close up shop and go home at our convenience which was fine with me! Around 1pm, we decided to have lunch. We’ve been doing heavy lunches all week, and ran out of places to eat so we decided to eat at Bishop’s BBQ for the 3rd time.

I have to admit that I don’t think I could do another bite of Bishop’s but damn they have good ribs!! What was really awesome was their potato salad, it was literally the BEST potato salad I’ve ever had in my life, hands down. I will miss it. Lol. After our huge lunch, we got busy again. I started getting frustrated, not knowing if we were ever gonna get to go home. Finally around 4pm, we packed up and left.

Before heading out, we made a run for Starbucks, cuz it was going to be a long drive, and we were all tired. Intern Jenny and Intern Canton Cook were in the back seat and before you know it, they were fast asleep. Unfortunately, being seniority, I got to sit up front, which also meant that I had to keep Intern Jon awake so we wouldn’t all crash and die. X___X;; But I was SOOO sleepy and about to die even though he kept talkin’ to me. Towards the end I think I was just letting random shit come out my mouth. >_< I got home around 10:30pm, had a quick bite to eat, cuz we were too busy trying to rush home, that we didn’t even stop for dinner, and headed to bed.



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