Business Trip Day 5: Rough Day + Pain + Kyoto

MOOD:  (Panda Eyes)
Quote Of The Day: “Were they bullying you?? I’m gonna beat the crap out of whoever bullies my wife!!” -Kenny

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Breakfast this morning included pain killers. My feet and legs are in so much pain, I walk about the speed of a 90 year old right now. Ugh.

Today was a super rough day. Not only was I in pain, but every little thing was pissing me off. Ugh!! Especially Bossman! I felt like everything he said had a subliminal meaning and he was trying to hint at me something, but was too damn chicken to straight out and say it to me. I knew he was annoyed at how I was treating Canton Cook, but I can’t hide the fact that I don’t like her, she’s shaddy and sneaky and I don’t like people like that. She’s unprofessional and all she does is talk to Intern Jenny all day long! Ugh! I don’t care if you think I’m not being a damn “team player” or not. I refuse to waste my time teaching someone that I know will just back stab me later. Nope. I refuse. >_>

We had dinner at Kyoto this time. Which is a Jap restaurant that we haven’t been to in a long time. Ever since Mt. Fuji opened, we’ve always gone to Mt. Fuji and after eating at Kyoto today, I realized why their business has dropped so much, it’s basically cuz they SUCK. Mt. Fuji is like a billion times better, not only in service but also in atmosphere and in the most important part, quality of food!!

The only thing that was good was the calamari hibachi and the fried rice. Everything else sucked. The shrimp was over cooked, the scallops were super small, the salad was horrible, and the sashimi was pathetic. I hate when folks cut sashimi in squares! WTF!! Its suppose to be in long strips! *FAILS*

The worst part of the night was that Bossman got drunk. When he gets drunk he shows out, and he forces everyone else to drink as well. Kenny told me that I was NOT allowed to drink when he’s not there so I refused Bossman. I also have to take my antihistamines after dinner and I didn’t wanna mix alcohol with my drugs. I was pretty firm about telling him no. He, being the asshole that he is, kept insisting that I drink, saying that if I don’t then I’m being “difficult”. I was like WTF!! You should be ashamed of yourself!! This is a business dinner, not some damn cheap Asian karaoke! WTF is wrong with you?? Finally I said that I’ll drink water in place of sake and toast him. He was like fine, so he was holding a grudge about it, and forced me to drink 4 glasses back to back. I felt like I was either gonna pee for an hour straight or throw up. I was so damn pissed that he was bullying me, and I couldn’t do anything about it cuz I didn’t want it to get ugly when other people are around, and it was in the midst of dinner.

When I got home from dinner, I was extremely upset. I called Kenny and then I couldn’t help but bust out crying and then I couldn’t stop. Kenny who is super rational and calm, tried to tell me to not pay them any attention cuz they’re drunk and just being dudes. The more he talked, the more I kept crying. Finally his “reasoning” with me and telling me to stop crying started to piss me off and I just hung up on him.

I kept crying after I hung up and then went to shower, and started packing my bags. The only good thing that came out of the whole thing is that Bossman told us we can leave early and head back home Saturday, rather than Sunday. I was super happy. That meant that I’d at least have Sunday off. We are supposed to check out tomorrow morning so we can leave out midday.

After I finished packing, it was pretty late. Almost 1am, and then I got in bed, and called Kenny again. I was much calmer, and stopped crying. He sang me a lullaby, and babied me and then I was ok again. I was very tired from crying and soon I fell fast asleep.


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