Business Trip Day 3: Annoying Intern + Buffalo Wild Wings

MOOD:  (B!tchin’)
Quote Of The Day: “When I’m with a client, please don’t hover over me like that. Stay at least 5 feet away, cuz that’s rude to the client and you’re all up in my personal space. -__-;;” -Juse

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Breakfast this morning.

Ok, I just wanna let folks know that I am not using my surplus of pictures to make up for lack of content in blogging or trying to hint that my trip was dramaless. When there are female interns, there WILL be drama. Intern Jenny doesn’t bother me at all. The only thing that bothers me is how close she is with Intern Canton Cook. No I’m not jealous of their “friendship” if you can call it that since we’re only 3 weeks into it, but it brings their productivity down to like zero cuz all they do is talk!! You are two individuals! I need you guys to each pull your share of work! You can’t always be holding hands and doing everything together with your “bestie” like this is kindergarten! Get a damn grip folks!!

Intern Canton Cook on the other hand is very sneaky. I hate sneaky folks. I’d rather you be like Intern Emily and just be a b!tich from beginning to end. Intern Canton Cook orders all the expensive stuff at dinner and even orders alcohol after I warned her not to drink while we’re on the business trip cuz we’re with a bunch of guys. Since Bossman is not here yet, she is being sneaky and just livin’ it up which is fine, but she doesn’t do that when he’s here so that’s REALLY sneaky. It’s like she orders steak when he’s not here, and orders a white bread sandwich when he is here. If you got the balls then eat whatever the hell you wanna eat in front of him! At least Intern Emily ordered some damn expensive Tequila right in front of Bossman like a champ! Ugh.

Not only that, she was also hovering over me and breathing on my neck when I was with a client. I didn’t wanna say anything but I ended up telling her that that’s rude and she needs to not invade my personal space. One, we are not close like that, and two, that’s not professional to be hovering over someone like that. She said ok, and then continued to do that. FML. -__-;; I am SOOO glad that I don’t have to room with her. At least I get some privacy in that aspect. I’d hate to get pissed off by her in the daytime, and then have to come back to the hotel to stare at her again. I might throw up. Ugh!

We got out kinda late tonight and not too many places were open, so for dinner we did Buffalo Wild Wings, which was good of course. I got the Asian Zing wings, potato wedges, and of course, Coke. I would have got ribs, but I couldn’t find it on the menu. O_o



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