Business Trip Day 2: Best Western Plus + Intern FAIL + Longhorn

MOOD:  (Uh, Yeah…)
Quote Of The Day: “So you mean to tell me that we’re not staying at this hotel??” -Intern Canton Cook

[Back Track Post]

So let’s talk about this hotel I’m staying at. Last time I got the new Hampton Inn, this time I got the one across the street from it that’s also just about a year old, the Best Western Plus. And let me tell you. I had a sigh of relief when I walked in cuz it was decent. I always dread hotels when I travel cuz I think they’re all dirty. Of course the newer the hotel, the less accumulated germs I would hope you’d have. Not that I use most of their stuff, but still. I always bring my own towels, and never use hotel towels and I bring a bed sheet so I don’t have to lay on theirs. I don’t even use their pillows!! Lol. I bring my own. I am not a germaphob but it does creep me out.

As you can see, its alright. The bathroom was nice, it was a nice size bed, although I hate high beds so I know I won’t sleep well. FML.

Their breakfast was just alright. I liked the breakfast at the Clarion better. But the Clarion had shitty rooms. I know they’re trying to save money but damn!!

Now the good thing is the little “Sunday Shop” that I discovered downstairs in the lobby!! Hello!! It is this small room with tons of shit in it! It ranges from food to drinks to necessities! Everything in there is complimentary! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! It was awesome! I was stealing shit from it left and right! Lol. Tonight I got Coke and some popcorn. They had pain killers, toothpaste, tweezers, batteries, all kinds of goodies! I think I’m going to rob this place blind! Lol. At least rack up on mini toothpaste so I can use it to travel next time!! Those things are like $1 each at the store!! There are only 2 things I’m scared of when I travel. One, not resting well or not having good resting quarters. Two, not eating well or going hungry. This place has me covered! Woot! Woot!! Lol.

On the other hand, my Interns Jenny and Canton Cook were in for a shocker. When I went to go check in to my hotel, everyone got out the car. They all thought they were gonna check into this hotel too. Come to find out, this place was booked by the time they had to get a room, so Intern Jon booked them for something about a quarter mile down the street, a super old and run down place called the Jameson Inn. It being old wasn’t even the worst part, the worst part is it wasn’t a hotel, it was really a motel cuz there were no hallways, like all the doors were facing out in the public. Those scare me!! >_< Intern Canton cook couldn’t help but yell out after we were about to leave my hotel that she was shocked she was staying at another one. Muahahaha. Take that b!tch! XD

We got out at an alright hour tonight too, and ended up having dinner at Longhorn. Honestly, there are no good restaurants in Mississippi, so we are blessed to have Mt. Fuji and Longhorn. >_> I had what I always have, which is the t-bone, and then I added a grilled shrimp. That was pretty good too. Longhorn actually has pretty good Caesar salad, and that’s my favorite type, so that was a win win. By this time, I kinda got the setting on my phone figured out for pics, so these weren’t as dark. Lol.


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