Business Trip Day 1: On The Road + General Stuff + Mt. Fuji

MOOD:  (Sleepy)
Quote Of The Day: “Ok, we’re gonna have to drink a shit load of coffee cuz this is a lot of driving. >_>” -Intern Jon

[Back Track Post]

Ok, from now on, all posts are going to be picture heavy cuz my ass is too lazy to type all these backtrack posts. Lol. I’m sure most of you would rather see pics anyways. Muahaha. Intern Jon told me that he’d come pick me up around 10am, that was “way too ambitious” in his own words, cuz he didn’t end up coming til about noon. *FAILS* There goes another 2 perfectly good hours I could have stayed in bed. (*Stab, stab)

Had to start are day off with some Starbucks cuz he was sleepy and since it was just me and him, we both had to stay awake for the 5 hour drive. I had to stay awake to make sure he stays awake so we don’t run over a buffalo or something. >_>

Midway we got hungry and since there is nothing good to eat in Alabama, we decided to do McDonalds. You can never go wrong with a chicken sandwich!! Lol.

It started to rain after we ate and the drive got a little ugly for a little while. Boo!!!

Skies did eventually clear up though as we were leaving Alabama and all was good again! Woohoo!

After we checked in to my hotel, we went to the showroom and made some general planning to see how much time we actually had to put in to get the place looking halfway decent. Thank goodness they had mercy on me and we ended up getting off work at a holy hour on day one of work! Usually our first day is ugly and we don’t get off til like midnight or 3am or something crazy.

We ended the night with eating dinner at Mt. Fuji!! Hell yeah!! I heart sushi! Lol. Bad thing was I was still trying to figure out the camera on le phone and forgot to turn on the dark light setting so you can’t see shit I took pics of. #phonenoob It was delicious though!! I had Salmon and Toro sashimi, and then hibachi shrimp like I always do. Yums!


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