A Week In Review A La Pictures

MOOD:  (Tehehe)
Quote Of The Day: “Make sure you take lots of pictures when you go!” -Kenny

Although the week is not over yet, I’m about to do a week in review in pics. Because I’m lazy like that. Lol!! XD

This is actually from last week.  I was feeling a little down, so I decided to go look at cakes. Lol!!

I’m really not a big sweets fan but they look so pretty. O_O;;

Will you just look at this?? So Pretty!! Auhh!!

Those Russian doll thingys that are one inside of another!!

Random crackers from Intern Canton Cook. >_> Me no likey lemon flavor. >_<

Peach for my lunch the other day!! It was yummy… Love white peaches. XD

Traffic was so bad going home today, that I had to stop for junk food. FML. X____X;;

reason A is making acorn jelly again!! Its gonna take forever, and I won’t even be here to eat it cuz I’m going out of town. FML again. -___-;;

I found this in my back yard today after the rain!! Its gorgeous!! Think its a termella!! ❤

And last but not least. Today’s lunch. Mini figs!! So cute!!


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