Stress. Family Sized Servings.

MOOD: (Arg!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Ur just so stalkable, I can’t help it.” -Danh

Recently, me and quite a few of my friends have been on emotional roller coasters. I don’t know if raging hormones are a problem but from what I know it’s not. Coincidentally, me and two of my friends are all going through work drama, and relationship drama, but more so work drama. And it’s all co-worker and work load related!! We all feel as though we’re doing more than our share of work, and not being appreciated for it. Economy is still bad so that definitely isn’t helping. You know work can be so stress free, but there is always someone out there to make your life at work a damn living hell!! Ugh!! Screw these damn co-workers. Today I just found out that in the month of September, 3 managers/co-workers will be requesting time off for personal reasons. One is going on vacation, one has a son overseas that is getting married, and who the hell knows what the other one is doing. Point is, since we’re gonna be extremely shorthanded, the only people that are going to be left are me and my interns. FML. If I think I’m stressed now, I definitely got another thing coming. Auhhhh!!! Kill me now!! >_<


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