Juse Rescue Mission FAIL. >_<

MOOD: (Upset)
Quote Of The Day: “How many stray animals are there in the world? We can’t save all of them baby.” -reason A

This will literally be like the Nth time I’ve told this story. It makes me sad every time I tell it so I wasn’t going to post about it. >_< Yesterday after I got off work, I had to stop by the convenience store on Buford Hwy to pick up a box of tissue. Right when I was about to turn, the car in front of me suddenly stopped!! Whoa! I had to slam on my breaks cuz I was less than 5 feet from turning. After a second, he drove off again, and right when I was about to step on my gas I saw it!! The thing that made the car in front of me suddenly stop!! It was tiny little kitten in the middle of the road!! OMFG!! It was no bigger than the palm of my hands, and so freakin’ scared!! It kept on turning left and right and being confused!! It was soooo heartbreaking!! >_<

I couldn’t stop in the middle of the road, so I had to turn. I rushed to the store and got what I had to get. But I was feeling very uneasy inside. I decided to go rescue the kitten!! So I came out the store, and drove to the edge of the parking lot as you’re about to turn out. I parked my car to the side of the curb and got out to see if I can see the kitten on the curb. As I was walkin’ up, I saw the kitten just barely making it from the bottom of the curb onto the grass on the sidewalk. This was scary for me too cuz I was really close to oncoming traffic!

The kitten was laid out on the grass, completely flat on its tummy and shaking!! It was very heartbreaking. I didn’t know if it was hurt or not cuz it wasn’t really moving other than the shaking and spasms. I started making little cat noises, and it turn its head and looked at me. It was so damn sad having it look me in the eyes so helplessly. I didn’t know if it could still move or not, so I poked it once, and ran my finger down its back, caressing it. Then I went to the car to get a little waste basket thingy to hold it, and by the time I came back and knelt down beside it, ready to put it in the basket, it ran off!! It started making a run for it towards the direction of the parking lot, not the road thank God, but I was like noooo!!!

I didn’t see where it ran, and I thought it was hiding under my car, and I got even more scared, cuz if it doesn’t come out I didn’t wanna run it over with my car all while trying to save it!! That would be the most epic fail ever!! >_< I was on all fours looking under my car, checking for the kitten but I didn’t see anything. After looking around the parking lot a while, I had to give up and just go home. >_< I hated myself for not just grabbing it the first time instead of walkin’ away to get the basket!! But then again, I wouldn’t have been much help because I knew reason A wouldn’t let me keep it. She’s paranoid about stray animals, not knowing if they’re safe or not cuz you know they haven’t had their shots and she’s always scared they might have some kind of disease like rabies or something. >_< And I honestly wouldn’t have taken it to a shelter either cuz all they do its kill them when they get over crowded, if that were the case, I’d rather let it roam free. But I was gonna bring it home and feed it, and then after its recovered, I’d release it into the neighborhood to roam in my backyard somewhere. Its probably got a better chance of living then!

I came home very depressed and as I was telling reason A the story, I couldn’t stop crying!! OMFG!! I was balling like a big ass baby and upset that I couldn’t save it! I kept yelling to reason A, “What if it gets run over by a car?? What if it runs out into the highway again??” reason A hugged me and comforted me. She said, “You being this kind really is going to make you very vulnerable in society. People will try to take advantage of you. How many stray animals are there in the world? We can’t save all of them baby.” I started crying harder!! I said “But it doesn’t have a mother and it’s so tiny!! How is it suppose to survive!!?” She said “It’ll find a way. We all have our fate.” After a long cry, I calmed down a little, and was fine. I still feel bad about it when I think about it.

I don’t know if someone threw it out to fend for itself or if it just got away from the Momma, but it was so damn heartbreaking! Ugh!! >_<


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